National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - the date debate

Insight on 10 myths about Indigenous Peoples

Appreciating or appropriating Indigenous culture?

Edwin Victor Cook - Indigenous war hero

Why Cultural Appropriation is Disrespectful

What are the Elements of an Effective Indigenous Joint Venture?

Let’s Not Make Reconciliation A Political Football

Things to know when selecting your Truth and Reconciliation calls to action trainer

Meaningful Consultation with Indigenous Peoples

Forest Fires and Indigenous Communities

What reconciliation is and what it is not

6 Guidelines for Projects involving Traditional Indigenous Knowledge

Reactive vs proactive racial bias training

Why continuity of Indigenous cultural identity is critical

Rise of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in Environmental Assessments

The Indian Act and Bestseller in the same sentence

Debunking Misconceptions About First Nation Totem Poles

What Does Indigenous Knowledge Mean? A Compilation of Attributes.

What are Gladue Reports?

Working with Indigenous Communities: ONT SPCA Launches Year of the Northern Dog Campaign

Canada’s Complicated History with First Nation Totem Poles

A Snapshot of On-Reserve Clean Water Issues

Communications with Indigenous leaders - Letter Writing Tips

8 Things You Need to Know About On-Reserve Housing Issues

What is Indigenous Identity?

3 Rs of an Effective Indigenous Pre- Engagement Strategy

The ongoing impact of the Indian Act on Indigenous Peoples health

A Look at Indigenous Relations in Canada for 2018 and Beyond

Definition of Smudging to Indigenous Protocol - Our Top 10 articles in 2017

Shoebox Campaign is an opportunity to connect with Indigenous students

7 Not so Secret advantages of First Nations Radio

ayisīnowak: A Communications Guide a respectful cross-cultural collaboration

The Final Solution - Which Government Used the Term First?

Why are Indigenous leaders called chiefs?

First Nation Projects: Lack of equity? Not a Problem

What does traditional consensus decision making mean?

Indigenous issues articles: Is it time for specific headlines?

Some Resources to help you with Indigenous Protocol

Including Indigenous Caterers In Your Procurement Strategy

Two Examples of Indigenous Education Programs

Some Indigenous Protocol Examples

The Importance of Indigenous Radio

7 Tips on Building Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

What does Indigenous connectivity mean?

Can a proponent refuse to take on procedural aspects of the duty to consult?

Tips for purchasing Authentic Indigenous Art

Why Buying Authentic Indigenous Art is Important

Investing Effectively for Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Relations at the Victoria International Airport

Request for Indigenous Advisors for Canadian Advisory Committee

Indigenous Trade Networks Thrived Long Before the Arrival of Europeans

Survey results show strong support for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

The Duty to Consult Just Keeps on Evolving

Indigenous Peoples Reconciliation and Canada150

National Aboriginal Day  21+ Important Indigenous People to Celebrate

A Brief Look at Indian Hospitals in Canada

11 Challenges for Indigenous Businesses

Indigenous Racial Profiling by Retailers

4 Phases of Indigenous Engagement

What You Need To Know About Indigenous Language Revitalization

The Impact of Smallpox on First Nations on the West Coast

A Tribute to the late Chief Beau Dick

Why Canada Needs Indigenous Economic Reconciliation

Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples™ Blog Passes 1 Millionth Visitor

A Brief Definition of Decolonization and Indigenization

3 Things to know about Alberta Carbon Tax Exemptions and First Nations

Was There an Upside to Residential Schools

Developing Your Indigenous Procurement Strategy

Reflections in 2017 on the 1967 Centennial Speech of Chief Dan George

A Definition of Smudging

Building Indigenous community capacity and the duty to consult

Reconciliation and Indigenous Libraries in Schools

Why Pre-engagement Research of Indigenous Communities is Important

9 Terms to Avoid in Communications with Indigenous Peoples

What is Indigenous procurement?

Reconciliation and Donating to Indigenous Organizations

Why Are There Stereotypes About Indigenous Peoples

What’s the Difference Between Historic and Modern Treaties

The Role of the Indigenous Employment Coordinator

6 Tips on Meeting With Indigenous Leaders

14 Facts You May Not Know About Contributions of Indigenous Veterans

A look at First Nations Prohibition of alcohol 

The Constitution Express and Its Role in Entrenching Aboriginal Rights

11 Attributes of an Effective Indigenous Relations Practitioner

Christopher Columbus and the Doctrine of Discovery - 5 Things to Know

Harry Daniels The Man Who Put Métis in the Constitution

Eskimo identification tags replaced traditional names

Why should you learn to pronounce Indigenous names

Indian Act and enfranchisement of Indigenous Peoples

Compilation of resources for Indigenous consultation

Value of Engaging with Indigenous Communities Via Social Media

Protecting Indigenous Traditional Knowledge plus an Agreement example

Aboriginal rights, title and the duty to consult - a primer

Indigenous cultural competency trainer criteria

Snapshot of Indian Act denial of status for Indigenous women

26 Ways to Derail Your Indigenous Community Meeting

Indigenous Peoples terminology guidelines for usage

What is the definition of Indigenous Peoples

UNDRIP Consent: A Moving Target

10 quotes John A. Macdonald made about First Nations

Indigenous Economic Development Corporations – The ABCs

National Aboriginal Day or National Indigenous Day

Indigenous cultural competency in virtual platform

Duncan McCue: Mainstream Media and Reconciliation

Maps of traditional Indigenous territories

The Indian Act, residential schools and tuberculosis cover up

Indigenous relations and environmental studies Neegan Burnside example

7 Common Elements in successful Indigenous Relations Strategies

Notable Impact of Urban Reserves and Saskatoon

6 Things You May Want to Know About the Daniels Decision

Fabulous Five Indigenous Women Nominees for Canadian Banknotes

What is the Relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Animals

Free Prior and Informed Consent and the Nation to Nation Relationship

Indigenous cultural competency self-assessment checklist

The Indian Act and Taxes

Lessons in Indigenous Negotiations Part 4

Urban Reserves and Economic Independence

Lessons in Indigenous Negotiations Part 3

Indigenous relations and emergency response planning

Lessons in Indigenous Negotiations Part 2

Hereditary Chief definition and 5 FAQs

Lessons in Indigenous Negotiations

What are appropriate gifts for Indigenous Guest Speakers

The Relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Place Names

Forestry and reconciliation: focus on BC

Aboriginal Skills Training Projects Connect Communities with Opportunities

Rochelle Saddleman, Co-ordinator, Aboriginal Navigators Project

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action

Indigenous Peoples Worldviews vs Western Worldviews

Ramona Materi Ingenia Consulting

Tips on Doing Business with Indigenous Communities in Northern BC

Reconciliation and the BC Anglican Diocese

Indigenous Reconciliation and Municipalities Some Calls to Action

Indigenous or Aboriginal Which is correct?

The Right Rev. Dr. Logan McMenamie

12 Days of Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous relations A Collection of Interviews

Indigenous Peoples and the Environment

Uncivil dialogue and Indigenous Peoples

Ensuring Indigenous Relations are Embedded in Your Supply Chain

Fortis Develops Positive Indigenous Relations

Building Bridges to Reconciliation

Federal Gov Adopts Indigenous Peoples Terminology and Why I am Optimistic

Colin Doylend, Director Aboriginal Relations, Britco

Honouring First Nation Reconciliation an effective example

Schools in Ontario Honour Aboriginal Education Month

Presenting to First Nations Peoples

Back to the Future: PM-designate Trudeau evokes the Royal Proclamation

First Nations and Local Government Reconciliation

24 Tips on Creating Culturally Inclusive Schools

First Nation Cultural Images - Iconic or stereotyping?

Culturally Inclusive Schools - Why it’s Important

10 Treaty Facts

Cultural Competency and You

The Residential Schools Apology

What is Orange Shirt Day?

Use these culturally offensive phrases, questions at your own risk

First Nations individual rights vs collective rights

What to call ceremonial wear?

The Importance of Treaty Education    

Jamie Wilson Commissioner Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba      

First Nation Consultation Guidelines

Chief to Chief Negotiations

Engaging Aboriginal Youth

Ken Farrish BC Building Info

Aboriginal Employee Retention Checklist

Resources for Teachers of Aboriginal Students

Fern Perkins Métis Education Enhancement Program Coordinator

9 Aboriginal Relations Best Practice Must Dos

Reconciliation as part of First Nation Negotiations

Lyle Viereck Consulting Services Inc

Recession Proof Your Career With Aboriginal Relations Training

4 Facts about Aboriginal Peoples and Taxes

Protecting your Aboriginal Relations Strategy in a Recession

Capacity Forest Management Ltd

Corby Lamb First Nations Forestry

What are First Nation inherent rights?

First Nation Swing Ridings

First Nations Engagement and the BC Elders Gathering

Barriers to First Nation Voting

First Nation Recruitment: 8 Tips for Interviewing Candidates

First Nation Right to Vote

12 Common Mistakes in First Nation Consultation

What is First Nation self-reliance

Indian Act and Elected Chief and Band Council System

15 Strategies for Teachers of Aboriginal Students

Indian Act and the Pass System

Chief Robert Joseph Appointed to Order of British Columbia

ABC of Aboriginal Awareness

Indian Act and the Permit System

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

21 Things You May Not Have Known About The Indian Act

Indian Residential Schools A collection of articles

Reading for Reconciliation 6 books on Residential Schools

Forestry after Tsilhqotin

First Nation Sacred Sites

What does Aboriginal awareness mean

Doing Business with First Nations Leasing Land

What are Aboriginal Rights

First Nation Relationship to the Land

8 Things to look for in an Aboriginal Awareness Trainer

9 tips for doing business with First Nations

Aboriginal Recruitment Outreach to Employment Agencies

Does your onsite training answer questions about specific communities

First Nation Election Facts

The Enduring Nature of First Nation Stereotypes

11 Community Outreach tips for Aboriginal Recruitment

What is the root cause of Aboriginal education issues

What are urban reserves

Community Engagement for Aboriginal Recruitment

Aboriginal Youth Mountain Biking Program

Can First Nations Hunt in National Parks

Aboriginal Relations – Chelsea Hotel

8 First Nation reserve FAQs

7 First Nation Facts You Should Know

Why do Aboriginal Peoples want self-government?

Peel River Watershed Aboriginal Law Update

Swkachàys Lodge Aboriginal Boutique Hotel

7 Things to Do Before Consulting with First Nations

St. Michael's Indian Residential School Decommissioning Ceremony

BC First Nations

Lheidli T'enneh are First Official First Nation Host of Canada Games

Matrimonial Real Property Act

First Nation Community Engagement

First Nation Talking Stick Symbolism

Aboriginal Peoples survey (2011) - a snapshot

Aboriginal Retention Strategies and Cultural Leave

First Nation Talking Stick Protocol

Aboriginal Awareness Training Before Recruitment

Aboriginal Recruitment at its Best

5 tips for successful First Nation Recruitment

Assembly of First Nations 2014 Election

Tsilhqot'in and Grassy Narrows webinar

Karey Brooks, JFK Law Corporation

History of Assembly of First Nations

First Nation Humour

What is Residential School Syndrome?

First Nation Elder Protocol

Malahat Nation has Fun Raising Funds

11 Things you should know about Aboriginal Oral Traditions

Hallowe’en Don’t Promote Cultural Appropriation

Indigenous vs. Aboriginal

Frank Calder The Man who Moved the Mountain

West Moberly Case

Rio Tinto decision

Marshall Case

Mikisew case

R. v. Powley

Aboriginal Lateral Violence in the Workplace

Taku case

Haida Case

Meares Island case 1985

Calder Case

20 Tips for Effective First Nation Consultation

First Nations Elder vs Senior

What is cross cultural training?

Aboriginal Relations Holiday Inn

Tsilhqot’in Decision Q and A with Robert Janes, JFK Law Part 2

Robert Janes, JFK Law Corporation

Tsilhqot'in Decision Q and A with Robert Janes JFK Law Part 1

Section 35 of the Constitution Act 1982

Calvin Helin Named 1 of Canada's Power 50

First Nations Engagement in BC an EMA Event

Delta Chamber of Commerce Fosters Relations with First Nation Neighbours

Aboriginal Community Development Policy

Strategize your Aboriginal Community Engagement

A tribute to the late Chief Frank Nelson

Why you should avoid using “Crown Lands” in First Nation consultation

Intercultural Presentation by Bob Joseph

A Tribute to the late Alvin Dixon

Tribal Journeys 2014 - Many Thanks to First Nation Host Communities

Embark Engineering Creating Engineering Careers for Aboriginal People

Aboriginal Opportunities Forum 2014

First Nations Cultural Differences

Why Aboriginal Stakeholder Engagement is bad on your business card

Aboriginal Alcohol Intolerance

Delbert Guerin Defender of the Musqueam Nation

Guerin v. the Queen 1984

7 First Nation Worker Retention Strategies

Potlatch: what I learned as a guest

Status Indians and Taxes

First Nations Name Dropping - The Dead Cat Bounce ...

Reconciliation the simplest gestures can make a difference

Delgamuukw and Gisday’way - Who are They?

Delgamuukw and Gisday'way The Reason we all Consult

Six “Must Don’ts” for an effective First Nations Engagement Strategy

The Sparrow Case Affirms Constitutionally Protected Aboriginal Rights

Two Must Dos for an Effective First Nations Engagement Strategy

The Indian Act Naming Policies

First Nations and Salmon Fisheries

Allison Rippin Armstrong - The Value of Early Aboriginal Engagement

Respecting First Nations Cultural Diversity

Bryan Bodell - Aboriginal Engagement

1969 White Paper - Rejected by Liberal Party of Canada

Rhonda Maskiewich - Taking a Holistic Approach to Aboriginal Relations

Sixties Scoop Apprehension of Aboriginal Children without Consent

Aboriginal Athletes Abound

Keith Matthew on structuring negotiations with First Nations

Premier Christy Clark meets the Chiefs

Calvin Helin gives a great talk and us a plug too!

Free prior informed consent and duty to consult

First Nation Protocol Usage of Ancestral and Spiritual Names

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Aboriginal Engagement Intern'l Association of Public Participation

Improving Participation of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada’s Workforce

First Nations Protocol Questions from a reader.

37 interviews and presentations on Aboriginal relations

Douglas R. Eyford Forging Partnerships Building Relationships

Eyford Report and Aboriginal Awareness Training

Stephen Crocker Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement PTI Group Inc.

Andrea McLandress - Community Diversity, Engagement Diversity

Who owns TEK?

Barriers to Aboriginal Employment - High beam on drivers' licenses

Sandy Sanderson Maximizing Business Opportunities Through Industry Engagement

Dennis Bell - Common Ground A New Approach to Consultation in Alberta

Chinook Jargon - The First Language of Trade

Aboriginal War Heroes - More than a Few Good Men

7 Basic Solutions for Barriers to Aboriginal Employment

Hallowe’en: Don’t Dress to Win the Cultural Insensitivity Award

Frank Busch First Nation Engagement 7 tips for being effective

First Nations Health Authority Boldly Goes Where None has Gone Before

"Indian giver" - Where did it come from, and can we give it back?

Frank Busch First Nations Finance Authority

Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement in Alberta - Speaker Series

Sale of c̓əsnaʔəm (Marpole) Site to Musqueam Indian Band Finalized

Use these 7 First Nations Colloquialisms at your Peril

The Royal Proclamation recognized Aboriginal rights 250 years ago

8 Basic Barriers to Aboriginal Employment

First Nation Protocol Thanking the Host First Nation Why You Should

Extinguishment of First Nation Title

Nanaimo declares Year of Reconciliation

Shelagh Rogers Her Journey from Her Head to her Heart as Hon. Witness

Andy Wilson Letter to survivors of Indian residential schools

Betty Ann Lavallée, National Chief, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

Jurisdiction Over Metis and Non-Status Indians: Daniels v The Queen

Dan Jepsen - 20 years' experience in Aboriginal engagement

Supreme Court of Canada upholds constitutionality of Nisga’a Treaty

10 Books about Indian Residential Schools - for young people

BC Hydro's Aboriginal Education and Employment Strategy

Richard Wagamese - Bear snares and the Sixties Scoop

First Nations and Big Retail Outlets - Signs of Respect

Dennis Bell Sr Advisor Regulatory Issues Aboriginal Relations, Alberta

Stephen Crocker, Director, Aboriginal Relations, PTI Group Inc

Andrea McLandress Team Lead Aboriginal Relations Tervita Corporation

Sandy Sanderson, CEO, Goodfish Lake Business Corp

James Anaya UN Broken treaties must become a thing of the past

Funding supports First Nations' forestry training

Richard Wagamese - Honour

The Scrip - what is this and how did it affect Métis history?

Keepers Of The Children Reconnect With Native American Heritage

The Duty to Consult—A Second-Best Alternative

Manitoba Aboriginal Human Resource Strategists (MAHRS)

Creation Stories - The Origins of Culture

Kerry Jothen - Aboriginal Training and Employment Strategies

Cynthia Callison on Free Prior Informed Consent

The Wampum with Ken Maracle

B.C. treaty planning resource guide receives national award

Waiting for the Honour of the Crown - Case Comment

Kate Buttery, Affiliate Counsel, First Peoples Law

Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Turns Twenty - 10 Fast Facts

Melissa Fry Beasley - Bed Yourself In My Verse

Qalipu Mi'kmaq Enrolment Agreement Reached

Kahnawake Skywalkers - the Mohawk Steel Worker Tradition

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples: Where do We Go from Here?

First Nations Biomonitoring Initiative - AFN Study on Contaminants

The Duty to Consult—the Groundhog Day Conundrum

Dr. Bruce McIvor, Principle, First Peoples Law

The pow wow - First Nation pow wow dances

Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement

The pow wow - First Nation pow wow protocol

Richard Wagamese - Learning to be human

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph Q and A on Reconciliation and Forgiveness

BC Hydro Aboriginal Education and Employment Strategy Valerie Monkman

National Aboriginal History Month - Why it’s important

AFN Notes 5th Anniversary of Apology for Indian Residential Schools

A report on Métis Identity by Senate Aboriginal Peoples Committee

Dr. Dean Chavers - Around the Campfire column

Aboriginal Relations Perspectives from both sides of the fence Gordon Mohs

Aboriginal Enlistment in the Canadian Forces - Challenges

First Nations Health Authority: A new era of First Nations health in British Columbia

Colin Ellis: Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement Software

"Dances with Dependency" - Book review by Frank Busch

Louis Riel Institute plans new visitor programs for Louis Riel House

Ainjil Hunt - "Transformation: Moving Beyond Protocols and MOUs"

Elijah Harper The Man with a Feather Who Changed the Course of History

Richard Wagamese - Time passing

Blockade by individuals amounted to ‘abuse of process’ Behn v Moulton

Ben Bradshaw The Growing Authority of Indigenous Communities

Laurie Sterritt Creating Economic Health through Partnerships

Aboriginal Awareness Week - May 21-24, 2013

Aboriginal Employment – 533 hires; 90% retention

My Mother Who Is A Puzzle - a poem by Melissa Fry Beasley

Bill 22, the Aboriginal Consultation Levy Act

Stats Canada Release Reiterates Importance of Investing in Potential of First Nations

Constable Steve Hanuse, Liaison Officer with the Musqueam Indian Band

Cheryl Brooks Matching Aboriginal Community Objectives with Industry Opportunities

The Pow wow A Primer on the First Nation Pow wow

Dion Arnouse "Aboriginal Industry Engagement"

Open Letter to Minister Valcourt from Union of BC Indian Chiefs

17 Ways to Promote Culturally Aware Classrooms

Self-Government Arrangements 4 Examples

Chief Robert Joseph Expanding Our Knowledge Conference Speech

Richard Wagamese Medicine Wheel

What is an Aboriginal medicine wheel?

Jane Allen Biography, Deloitte

How cool is this? Adam Beach loves my twitter posts!

Pale and Small - A Poem by Melissa Fry Beasley

Jerry Asp, Tahltan Economic Development

Valerie Monkman Aboriginal Education & Employment Strategy BC Hydro

Myth #1: Status Indians exempt from federal or provincial taxes

Open Letter to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Expanding Our Knowledge Conference Program

What's Up in Alaska? A presentation by Matt Ganley

Books on the history of disease and colonial practices

Richard Wagamese Grandfather talking

Solo L Greene How Leaders Gain Customer Trust and Loyalty

The Duty to Consult: Important Lessons from Canada’s Mining Sector

Premier Pasloski's Keynote for Yukon First Nations Resource Conference

Aboriginal Sacred Plants: Sage

Turtle Island Voices - Interactive books for kids and teachers

Ainjil Hunt, Principle owner, Transformation

Chief Robert Joseph Sr.

Dion Arnouse, Founding CEO, 2Badgers Consulting Inc.

Gordon Mohs, Aboriginal Business Development, EBA Engineering

Jessica Clogg WCEL explains Bill C-45, First Nations Rights, and FIPA

Jessica Clogg, WCEL Senior Lawyer

Jeannie Cranmer Manager AEES BC Hydro

Richard Wagamese Reading the scrolls

Colin Ellis Enterprise Accounts Manager SustaiNet Software International

Laurie Sterritt CEO BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship Annual Report 2011-2012

Bruce Falstead FortisBC on Effective Aboriginal Relations

Aboriginal People: pro-development or pro-conservation?

Cheryl Brooks, President, Indigenuity Consulting Group

9 tips for a culturally competent environment for Aboriginal patients

Louis Riel - Métis Visionary? Father of Manitoba? Rebel? Martyr?

Tanya Laing Gahr Biography

When Worlds Collide Resolving Conflicts between Industry, Aboriginal Communities

DJ Vanas Old vs. Young: The Battle That Shouldn’t Be

Did Christopher Columbus Discover the New World?

Cultural competency in Aboriginal Health Care

Richard Wagamese Urban Indian part three

Mineral Exploration Mining Aboriginal Community Engagement (ACE): A Guidebook

Resource Revenue Sharing and Aboriginal Peoples

Indigenous rights and the duty to consult

6 benefits of developing Aboriginal awareness

Aboriginal Repatriation Andy Wilson and the Haida Nation

Aboriginal Repatriation - Aboriginal Peoples and museums

Aboriginal Engagement vs Aboriginal Consultation Here's the difference

Aboriginal Repatriation of Ancestral Remains and Artifacts

Aboriginal Engagement - early, often and ongoing

Richard Wagamese Urban Indian 2

AFN Chief Shawn Atleo on First Nation Crown Relationship

Gitlakdamix (New Aiyansh) and the YMCA YWCA A Match Made in 1889

Who carries the true duty to consult?

Chief Atleo Calls for Meeting Between Crown First Nations

AANDC on Disclosure of Documents to Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Richard Wagamese Urban Indian

Breaking Barriers Cheryl Matthew to lead JIBC’s Indigenization efforts

Richard Wagamese: The Injun in this poem

Indian Residential Schools: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

The Haida Leader Guujaaw - great job and best wishes

FortisBC and BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council sign agreement

NWAC recognizes National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women

Gordon Mohs Pop'qoles, Sxwoxwiyam, El:oliye

Vincent Schilling Aboriginal Youth Suicide

Business Rationale for Improving Financial Education of Aboriginal communities

Clayton Norris, MBA, CAFM,Vice President, Aboriginal Services, MNP

Larry D Keown

Larry D Keown Perceptions Indian People Have About Those in the Non-Indian World

3RD Edition Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples® now available

Richard Wagamese It’s how an Indian prays

Judith Sayers on Bill C-27 Financial Accountability of First Nations

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations on Bill C-27

Vancity grants $500,000 to Reconciliation Canada

Indian Voting Rights By Dr. Dean Chavers

Aboriginal Consultation before action is critical

Dion Arnouse - The Path from First Nation RCMP Officer to Consultant

Ian Tait stél'mexw siiyá'y (the peoples’ respected friend)

Issues of past impacts on consultation and accommodation remain uncertain

Restorative Practice Circles in the classroom

Company Profile: SustaiNet Software International

Aboriginal Veterans: Equals on the battlefields, but not at home

Tecumseh, Shawnee War Chief (1768-1813)

War of 1812 Who won? Undecided. Who lost? Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

DeDe DeRose, BC's First Superintendent of Aboriginal Achievement

Building Authentic Partnerships - Aboriginal Participation in Major Resource Development Projects

Big Brothers Big Sisters partners with DreamCatcher Mentoring for pilot project

Nuxalk Development Corporation: Executive Assistant to the President

Defend Our Coast First Nations Involvement

Business Case for Creating Inclusive Worksites for Aboriginal Workers

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Elects Betty Ann Lavallée as National Chief

NWAC: October 18th, National Day of Action to end violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada.

Potlatch Ban: Abolishment of First Nations Ceremonies

Dean Homewood: Aboriginal Liaison, Labourers Union

Assembly of First Nations pledge to end violence.

Past projects and the duty to consult

UN encourages Canada to raise the bar for children's rights

Richard Wagamese Shebandowan

Aboriginal issues and politeness: what should we do?

First Nation Middens - Some FAQs

c̓əsnaʔəm (Marpole Midden): Timeline of Desecration to Protection

Calvin Helin Announces Game Changing First Nations Energy Company

Why it makes good business sense to hire Aboriginal workers

Faceless Dolls: Art Raises Awareness

6 steps to create an inclusive environment for Aboriginal workers

Director, Nuxalk Integrated Resource Office (NIRO)

Conflicting decisions call duty to consult into question

8 key issues for Aboriginal people in Canada

Past wrongs, future impacts and "persuasive" explanations: Court of appeal extends

Rick Mercer and the Mens Gold Wheelchair Basketball Team

Jeff Langlois, Associate, JFK Law Corporation

Richard Wagamese Native Story Teller

Rooting our spirit to the land - Richard Wagamese

Aboriginal Peoples and Resource Development

Indian Residential Schools Legacy - Learn More, Read More

Aboriginal Peoples are all the same, right?

Aboriginal Peoples the Mi’kmaq People of Nova Scotia

Myth 4 Aboriginal Peoples receive free post secondary education

Tips for Teachers of Aboriginal Students

The Secret of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

First Nation Name Dropping - Good Idea or Bad Idea?

WEWAP reaches milestone - how are we doing?

Are there Aboriginal Paralympians? Yes! Richard Peter!

Deborah McCallum

Nunavut Lands Claim Decision

7 Reasons to Integrate Indigenous Knowledge into Science Curriculum

Indian Act and the Right to Vote

Rick Mercer and the Indian Act

Indian Giver don't make the same mistake as Matt Lauer

Aboriginal Sacred Plants: Tobacco

Why We Need First Nations, Metis & Inuit Perspectives In Our Classrooms

Aboriginal Consultation and Accommodation

Gift Giving How to know if it is appropriate and or expected?

Debbie Shea, Corporate Business Development Manager, Domcor

Domcor Health, Safety Security and Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples®

A Brief History of the Haida Bentwood box

Why aren’t Aboriginal workers filling the labour shortage gap?

Does the Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples include a Veto? 

Are there Aboriginal Athletes Participating in the 2012 Games

The Beothuk and how European contact led to their extinction

Differentiation: Aboriginal Peoples and Non-Aboriginal Peoples

The Indian Act vs Self determination

Community Healing and Self-Government

Aboriginal Participation in Major Resource Development Opportunities: Community Readiness

Job Posting: Nuxalk Development Corporation CEO

Indian Act and Women's Status Discrimination via Bill C31 and Bill C3

Indigenous Corporate Training Turns Ten!

First Nation Chiefs Traditional or Elected Roles and Responsibilities

The NAEDB Launches First of its Kind Report on the State of Aboriginal Economic Development

Minister Duncan Comments on the Referral of Bill C-27 to the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development

Sacred Red Cedar

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent and Five Key dates for the Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Engaging First Nation Students Through Compassion and Innovation

Self-identification - Why ask? Why Answer?

Debunking Myths Surrounding Canada's Aboriginal Population by TD Economics

Bands call for return of Agency #1 lands

Designation as Historical Site Honours Rock Art of Blackfoot First Nation

Louis Riel Jr and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885

Louis Riel, Senior and Junior, their roles in the Métis Nation

Myth #3: Do First Nations get free housing on reserves?

From Oppression to Opportunity: St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

National Aboriginal Day June 21 - Celebrate!

Guy Dumas Biography

How 2 Work Effectively with Aboriginal People a Leadership Perspective

Knox M Henry


David Suzuki and Ontario Minister of Energy Chris Bentley to celebrate with M’Chigeeng First Nation at wind project grand opening.

Sweetgrass - Sacred Plant in Aboriginal Ceremonies

Tommy George Prince Military Medal and Silver Star Recipient

Commemorative Medal Honours First Nation and Métis Contributions to War of 1812

Flavio Caron, Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

Indigenous Peoples of Treaty No. 6 Territory and the Queen Commemorate the History of the Crown and Treaties

What is the Seventh Generation Principle?

Truth and Reconciliation with Chief Robert Joseph

Senator Gerry St. Germain visits Vancouver Board of Trade's Aboriginal Opportunities Committee

Why Aboriginal Engagement isn't Stakeholder Engagement

The Metis Flag

Ancient Northwest Coast First Nations Club Returns to BC

Geronimo The Warrior

Aboriginal Elder Definition

Why does Aboriginal Self-Government Matter?

Myth #2: No restrictions on reserve lands

Spirit Bear or Kermode Bear? That is the question.

What's first step in building a relationship with Aboriginal community

P. Jerry Asp, C3 Alliance Corp

Dan Jepsen, RPF, C3 Alliance Corp

Aboriginal Self-Government Clarification

Appropriate use of Indigenous images and symbols

Indian Residential Schools

Indian Act 1876

Constitution Act 1982 turns 30 today

Inuit People of the World

Canadian Indian

Colloquialism Indian giver plus six other colloquialisms to avoid!

Aboriginal consultation and engagement

Nicholas R Hughes, McCarthy Tetrault

Aiden L. Cameron, McCarthy Tetrault

City Owes no Duty to Consult First Nations

Eye Contact and Aboriginal Peoples

The Métis Nation: A Battered but Unbroken People

Handshakes and Aboriginal Peoples

Specific Claims

World Water Week and First Nations - March 18-24, 2012

The Inuit Dog and My Adventure Outside Whitehorse, Yukon.

LNG project on Haisla Nation Reserve

3 Mistakes people make when working with the Inuit

Onion Lake Energy Forms New Alliance with Alberta First Nations

Aboriginal Consultation

Aboriginal images and symbols

The Royal Proclamation of 1763

Treaty Land Entitlement - Opening Statement Senate Standing Committee

Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug get break on mining

Tsilhqot'in determined to fight "new" Prosperity proposal

Aboriginal Peoples

First Nation Protocol on Traditional Territory

First Nation Protocol on Treaty Lands

Aboriginal Peoples Did Not have Written Languages

All Aboriginal People were Nomadic

Aboriginal Peoples Did Not Have Wheels

Scientific and Indigenous Perspectives of the "New World"

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