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We have articles on a wide variety of topics relating to Indigenous Peoples on our blog which draws an average of 90,000 visitors per month and is used as a reference for many educational institutions, government departments, and articles in mainstream media. Bookmark us as a resource to help you find answers to your questions about Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

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Read our national bestselling books, including 21 Things® You May Not Know About the Indian Act. Based on a blog article by Bob Joseph that went viral, this book is the essential guide to understanding the legal document and its repercussions on generations of Indigenous Peoples. This book was a national bestseller the week it was published and it has remained on many of the top lists for books in its category.

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If you are interested in learning more about Indigenous Peoples and are looking for some support material, please enjoy our growing collection of free ebooks and article downloads. Be sure to share with family, friends, and colleagues!

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Once a month we send out our Indigenous Relations Newsletter email with the roundup of our latest articles, information about our training weeks (cities, dates and courses offered), and career opportunities.

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