Indigenous Awareness

Participant at Community Futures Conference
"This was a fantastic seminar with lots of great information. I appreciated that there wasn't an vibe of "us vs them" and the discussion was comfortable, engaging, interesting and made me eager to learn and discuss this more. The history of Indigenous People in Canada can be taboo and 'hush-hush' because it isn't a romantic history. But having a comfortable space to openly discuss and learn about this was refreshing and is very much needed in all spheres in Canada. I also appreciated the humour that was injected into the conversation often." A. B.

"Flavio is real, sincere and open in sharing his knowledge of how to build better relations with Indigenous Peoples. He provides an incredibly important contextual lens to those of us working in Indigenous communities, emphasizing our ultimately innate and human connection to how we relate to one another with respect and understanding. I would strongly recommend that everyone take training in Indigenous Awareness, regardless of whether or not you work in a specifically Indigenous community, and an absolute must, if you do! We are all responsible for understanding where we come from in order to contribute meaningfully to where we will go, together." F.

International Forest Products Ltd.
"Anyone hoping to succeed in relationships with Aboriginal Peoples should take this course – its much easier than figuring out how to get your foot out of your mouth..." M. L.

Justice Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General
"Invaluable information for every Canadian. This presentation is important not only for corporate training, but also for developing personal awareness as a conscientious member of society." K. A-B.

"Flavio is knowledgeable, engaging, and passionate. He is an incredible instructor and his delivery is impeccable. Highly recommend this training as it contains relevant and valuable information!" J. T.


Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
"This training was exactly what I was looking for. It addressed my training needs from a human and workplace perspective. I am now equipped with many tools to ensure that I have effective, respectful and worthwhile interactions with Indigenous communities in the future." L. S.

BC Ministry of Enviroment
"This was a very informative training session delivered by a very energetic and knowledgeable instructor. Well worth the time and money." R. T.

"I highly recommend Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. for anyone working in government or others working with indigenous peoples. Bob's teaching style is relaxed and full of content, intertwined with stories and practical examples." L. C.

"A really engaging and useful way to spend a day. I agree that this (type of) training should be mandatory for Government staff (across the country)." E. S.L.

Forest Professionals - ABCFP
"I found the Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples course very informative and beneficial. The material was easy to follow and presented in a way that kept all the information covered interesting." S. M.

"This is an excellent course, and I highly recommend it to all forest professionals. It leads one through historic perspective in an engaging and informative way, and finishes with excellent practical advice about how to be more effective in building long-term relationships with Aboriginal Peoples in BC."  D. B.

"This affordable course is an easy to see format that can be conveniently done within in a business schedule. I appreciate the way the material was simply and effectively delivered. I learned new things that I hope to carry with me in my career as a forest professional in developing positive relationships. Thank you."  S. S.

"I would recommend this course to anyone. I enjoyed taking Working Effectively For Aboriginal Peoples. The allowable given time line was very reasonable and this was well presented and put together. Thank you for giving this online training available, this was money well spent."  D. L.

"I really appreciated that the important and relevant information was presented in a succinct manner and highlighted accordingly. The historical aspects were weaved into the body of the course and really helped with understanding current decision making. I really enjoyed the course – thank you!"  S. A.

"This was an effective and helpful course and I am sure that I will have opportunities to apply the knowledge in my day-to-day work life. I also feel like I have a clear awareness now of aboriginal culture along with the historical events that have influenced these communities and our relationship with them."  D.

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
"This course allowed me to feel comfortable in working with aboriginal people in my community, through work and everyday social situations. I feel more confident and able to respond in culturally appropriate ways."  S. B.

"This course provided me with the right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical tips for the working effectively with Aboriginal Peoples."  S.

Royal Roads University
"I found the modules of Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® very interesting and informative as well! I found the on-line help very fast and helpful."  C. Hoppins

Shaw Cablesystems
"The presenter was excellent, one of the best I have experienced." C. M.

Transport Canada
"Bob was amazing. He was so knowledgeable but still approachable and easy to connect with. It was more like information sharing than training. I will be recommending this training to all of my colleagues both in my current organization and formation organizaions." K. Y.


Indigenous Consultation & Engagement

Canadian Wildlife Service
"Super informative. Do not attempt A.P. (Aboriginal Peoples) consultations until you have taken this course."  M. C.

"Excellent. Great Leader.  Very current & knowledgeable."  J. F.

"Extremely beneficial for anyone contemplating becoming involved in Aboriginal consultation gives you the ground work required."  M. C.

British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Relations & Reconciliation
"A real privilege to be part of this training! Bob and Claire were superb - informative, experienced experts in Indigenous consultation. Thank you!"  S. Virtue

Coalspur Mines
"I would recommend this training to anyone wanting to learn more about Aboriginal People's. I found it very informative, learned a lot about the history of Aboriginal people's. Bob was a very engaging speaker. I am looking forward to taking Aboriginal Consultation + Engagement tomorrow."  S. Fraser

Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada
"Some of this material should be taught in elementary & high schools. I was not aware of much of this information presented”  D. Boparai

"Great overview course! I am looking forward to learning more."  S. H.

"Finally, effective Aboriginal consultation training!  This was a good extension of the first level course."  K. G. 

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
"As someone who is fairly new to working with Aboriginal affairs, this training gave me confidence and the tools needed to succeed."  M. Jackson

Environment Canada
"This should be a standard course for all of our employees working with Aboriginal Peoples, communities & issues. Teachings such as this bridges people and brings good things. Gets everyone involved"  J. Coutury

EPCOR Utilities Ltd.
"I found this to be an extremely practical & applicable training (both days) & would recommend to anyone working in community engagement."  L. H.

"I'm taking away lots of practical tips to amend my approach to working with Indigenous communities.  Thank you!"  S. Button

Global Affairs Canada
"This training really expanded my knowledge and awareness.  It provides practical answers to a complex and important process. One that should be taken with care and openness."  C. Dagenais

Government of New Brunswick
"Bob has extensive knowledge from all sides of Aboriginal relations – legal to trust & relationship building.  This is a valuable & balanced approach to problem solving!  Thank you!"  B. P.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
"Awesome and very well put together. Really, really appreciated the level of diplomacy shown when discussing contentious issues."  M. Sauriol

International Forest Products
"This training provided a refreshing + positive approach to building effective relationships that I look forward to incorporating into my relationships with Aboriginal Peoples."  T. P.

National Energy Board
"Bob's understanding of the current state of consultation and engagement between government departments and Indigenous communities really helps to inform and train others on the tools we need to continually improve this evolving relationship."  J.

"This training was extremely valuable to myself and our team. We were able to use Bob's knowledge and course material to drive very informative and useful discussion within our Engagement teams. Bob is extremely experienced and his material is easily grasped and can be immediately implemented. I highly recommend this training to any organizations engaging or preparing to engage with Indigenous groups."  V.

Ontario Power Generation
"Great real world examples of consulting and engaging with respect and integrity"  F. Trzebiatowski 

Urban Systems
"Thank you Bob for an excellent workshop. I gained a lot of clarity around defining & ensuring meaningful consultation.  Great information and group knowledge sharing among participants." P. R.


Creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
"I found this training helpful as a touchstone as I begin to develop an Indigenous engagement plan."  K. C. Edwards

British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Relations & Reconciliation
"Thanks for a very approachable introduction to a complex topic.  Your critical questions gave me a great sense of where I need to focus my efforts."  K. Neale

DP World (Canada) Inc.
"A really great & practical approach - based on experience & knowledge."  S. Swanson

"Very informative!  Lots of diversity!."  S. Martin

Windmill Development Group
"Engagement plan development session walks you through, step by step of what to prepare for, anticipate and readjust. Wish I had this years ago."  C. Laska


How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples

British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Relations & Reconciliation
"A very enjoyable and informative session about how to set the right tone."  B. Andersen

British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations
"How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples should be on the must take list for most if not all employees of Government who may come into contact with FN for negotiation purposes."  B. Walter

"This training should be compulsory!!! A huge wealth of information."  B. Wassenaar

"Training was great & allowed for attendees to be open and frank w/o fear."  C. Remer

"Excellent perspective on preparing for often difficult conversations that are absolutely necessary."  C. Cofre

Capital Regional District
"Great informal learning environment.  Claire & Bob helped us to imagine effective & new ways to engage."  S. Hallatt

"This Training adds value to everyday workings with First Nations.  Helps all of us move forward as a society."  E. Ringer

Colorado Resources Ltd.
"Excellent introduction to negotiating agreements with Indigenous People and pitfalls to avoid."  L. Nagy


Customized Training

Independent Electric System Operator - IESO
"This was a very valuable course to provide a helping background of knowledge and understanding of the effective working relationship with Aboriginal Peoples in Ontario.”  J. G.

"Bob offers a realistic, pragmatic perspective on Aboriginal Peoples. A great storyteller!" S. R.

"The course is a good high level overview for people looking to have positive interactions with indigenous peoples."  J. H.

"Bob’s personal knowledge & long term work and interest shows in his confidence and ability to convey information & his is very accessible."  A. P.

Kinder Morgan Canada
"The best custom approach delivered to the right level."  G. Y.

Newmont Mining Company, Colorado, USA
"Bob helped us break through some interesting attitudes in one of the company’s South American operations. His sessions are always interesting and I haven’t yet met anyone who hasn’t come away from them better able to cope."  G. M. - Director of Social Development

PacifiCorp, Inc., USA
"This lecture/training helped us identify areas of risk and potential financial loss and strategize mitigation techniques."  B. B.

"This session was effective for me as a utility manager because of the related experience base of Bob Joseph. I didn’t need to make a translation to our business as I usually do since he has ‘walked in shoes’ very similar to mine."  R. L.

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
"It was both interesting and a pleasure to listen and learn from Bob Joseph and chief Clarence Louie."  B. K.


Natural Resources

AMEC Earth and Environment
"A great refresher, takes all the need-to-know information about Aboriginal issues and puts it in one easily understandable seminar."  K. S.

"Very informative and an excellent introduction to conducting discussions with Aboriginal peoples."  M. W.

"The course left me wanting to learn more. Thanks."  S. G.

Knight Piesold
"A valuable introduction for decision-makers and managers in the natural resource sector."  R. K.

SNC Lavalin
"Overall a great presentation on aboriginal issues and consultation."  K. H.

"A great course for people who have little or no idea about working with Aboriginal Peoples."  K. K.

Stantec – Jacques Whitford Ltd. – AXYS Environmental
"Tremendous knowledge, excellent presentation skills and very sound knowledge of our needs."  D. O.

"In the last 8 hours I learned more about Aboriginal Peoples, rights, issues of importance and social context, then I have in the 31 years up til now! Thanx for the great introduction to these important issues!"  M. P.

"A good honest look at relations with Aboriginal Peoples and a good toolkit to allow open safe dialogue to commence."  M. T.

"Highly informative.  Definitely changed many of my strategies for working with Aboriginal Peoples."  B. R.

Worley Parsons
"Bob was full of great information. Some of it I had been exposed to but he did a very thorough job of further explaining and clarifying."  T. B.


Forest Companies

Aleza Lake Research Forest Society
"I appreciated the forthright discussion of historical & cultural issues in this course, and how to better build bridges with communities."  M. Jull

Burns Lake Community Forest
"Lively and engaging presentation."  J. McCormack

Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-op
"Very good – essential for anyone engaged in communications with Aboriginal Peoples."  S. Lorimer

Forest Practices Board
"Robert knows his topic area very well and has excellent presentation skills."  B. D. – Board Member

"Comprehensive workshop by a knowledgeable presenter – excellent historical context with good practical information, with considerable first hand experience."  M. N.

"Bob’s an amazing, knowledgeable rapid-fire speaker that will openly help you to effectively work with aboriginal peoples."  A. P.

International Forest Products Ltd.
"Anyone hoping to succeed in relationships with Aboriginal Peoples should take this course – its much easier than figuring out how to get your foot out of your mouth…"  M. L.

"Bob's training was very refreshing and a pleasure to engage in because he doesn't place any blame or make anyone feel guilty, he just tries to help the employees of the organization understand the First Nations perspective and where they're coming from."  N. L.

"I gained valuable knowledge of the legal aspects surrounding First Nations consultation and insight into maintaining good relationships."  M. C.

"This training should be mandatory for anyone working with First Nation communities."  B. R.

Likely Qatsull Community Forest Ltd.
"fast paced, non-confrontational, open & made a huge topic manageable."  J. Stace-Smith

Lower North Thompson Community Forest
"Strong recommendation as a step toward better relations."  H. Wright

McLeod Lake/Mackenzie Community Forest
"Tremendous insight into F/N thinking."  R. Crosby

Paradigm Forestry Consulting Ltd
"Bob’s workshop provides an excellent review of the issues facing Aboriginal Peoples. He presents with style and humour and contributes to a better understanding of cultural issues to land managers."  G. Mac

Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
"This course gave me a better understanding of the history and issues with Aboriginal People."  M. S.

West Fraser
"This training was the best I have taken on Aboriginal affairs.  Very informative and directly applicable to our business and relations with First Nations."  B. Balkwill

"Articulate, humorous and a wealth of good information.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course."  M. Sear

Western Forest Products
"A wealth of information presented in an easy to understand manner."  M. B.


Gas Companies

"Awesome workshop – very informative & interesting."  S. B.

"Absolutely fascinating and informative session that has increased my knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples and collaborating with them in the future."  T. D.

Chevron Canada Limited
"These few hours out of my day helped me understand the numerous differences between Aboriginal groups and how to effectively build meaningful relationships."  A. S.

"I enjoyed learning about the rich culture of the First nations and the right way to communicate respectfully." O. Shanomy

"I work with Aboriginal Peoples daily, this training provided me with knowledge and info, which will help me complete my job better and more effective. Great Job Bob!"  M. Zimmerman

Duke Energy & Gas Transmission
"This is a very touchy subject but was delivered in a concise way with examples of testimony & legal decisions."  M. G.

"Learned more at this course than I had expected."  R. K.

Enbridge Pipelines
"Critical for companies to understand, acknowledge & effectively address the need for aboriginal involvement in decision making & benefits regarding doing business in traditional territories."  J. C.

"This workshop was highly informative. Including the perspectives and experiences of First Nation elders and leaders sets this workshop apart from other Aboriginal awareness training programs."  R. D.

"Very helpful course to give an understanding of the complexities & considerations when working with different First Nations & Communities."  G. F. 

"Real world, applicable to my job."  J. G.

"Flavio is an excellent, engaging presenter who is clearly passionate and knowledgeable of Aboriginal culture and awareness!"  D. Wong (Indigenous Awareness)

"Flavio is very knowledgeable about the topic & he speaks well with great sense of humour." Isabella (Indigenous Awareness)

"I attend lots of workshops, I consider them a good use a time if I get one or two gems of information. In Bob's workshop, there were more gems than I could count."  B. Davidson

Husky Energy
"Very informative course.  Really appreciate shedding light on the Aboriginal Peoples’ perspective which will be very helpful when doing consultation.  Will recommend to my colleagues."  J. L.

Imperial Oil
"Very enjoyable + informative course.  Excellent mix of history, current issues + practical tips."  J. L.

Indian Oil
"Understanding the needs of Aboriginal People."  M. Malhotra 

"It is interesting to learn Canadian history through First Nations perspectives."  Y. Kishigame 

Pacific Northwest LNG
"A great primer for those working with FN in their territories."  W. B. 

"Concise and easy to understand program." S. Sproule

Penn West Exploration
"Very 'safe' course – can ask anything and not feel stupid/silly."  T. N.

"Being a FN member taking this course has enlightened me in the message that is being relayed to non-Aboriginal people and how to work effectively in Aboriginal communities."  D. G.

Progress Energy Canada Limited
"Informative and interactive – great course." A. MacNichol

Shell Canada Limited
"A good overview of a complex area. Appreciated the matter-of-fact delivery of sensitive topics."  A. M. 

"Very knowledgeable workshop with a practical approach to working with and understanding aboriginal peoples. Every oil & gas person in consultation should take this course."  K. M.

Strad Energy Services
"Very informative and educational. Taught by an expert who has deployed and used the course information successfully in real life scenarios."  G. N.

TransCanada Pipelines (Coastal GasLink)
"Was a fantastic course. Provided an informative balance of history and valuable functional information within a comfortable environment."  K. K.

"Very informative, history to current day environment was covered.  Strongly recommend for anyone contemplating business opportunities in BC."  D. D.

Trans Mountain Pipelines
"Bob talks fast & provides an insight in every breath.  Make sure you come with an empty mind because it will be full when your done."  C. H.


Mining Companies

BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines
"I gained a much more informative perspective on land claims issues and aboriginal attitudes to exploration."  L. P. - Attended session in association with BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines

Expatriate Resources
"Improved my understanding of First Nations view on Treaties and resource development and provided useful guidance to realign consultation with First Nations."  H. M.

Hillsborough Resources – Quinsam Coal
"I really liked the format of the course and the instructional book is very informative."  S. G.

Huckleberry Mine
"Worthwhile spending the time to learn how to approach 1st nations."  B. M.

Hunter Dickinson Inc.
"Workshop leader knowledgeable, sets excellent pace and his presentation style is calming and enjoyable, assisting understanding of material."  S. G.

Orca Sand and Gravel
"Excellent for companies just stepping into negotiations with Aboriginal Peoples."  A. F. 

"This information should be accessed by all resource based companies operating in Canada."  J. B.

Pacific Booker Minerals Inc.
"I would recommend this course to all resource developers."  J. S.  (also Vancouver Métis Community Association)

Rio Tinto
"Real, down to earth information and wise council."  G. H.

Skyline Gold Corp.
"Very informative, new perspective on major issues facing corporations, great message in do's and don'ts."  J. S.

Teck Resources Ltd.
"Definitely has increased my knowledge of issues with Aboriginal peoples."  D. R.

"A comprehensive and thorough training program which was able to give insight/awareness in a neutral and insightful manner.  A true Subject matter expert."  P. Sargent

TerraLogic Exploration Inc.
"I’ve often linked Bob’s site to expose myths about First Nations people. The site, the book, and the workshop have all been very good resources for me."  T. G.

Western Keltic Mines Inc.
"I have attended numerous workshops on dealings with Aboriginal Peoples and this was far and away the best."  J. M.

Yukon Zinc
"Bob provided a good range of topics and delivered very practical strategies for industry, government and organizations."  S. D.


Utility Companies

BC Hydro
"Bob answers the questions that many are afraid to ask."  K. W.

"Bob offers a valuable mix of the issues, the interests and the business. We all need to understand how to work with other people and groups and Aboriginal Peoples need a separate focus."  R. R.

"The material was applicable to any job and was delivered expertly. The detailed and extensive knowledge the trainer had was presented in a way that anyone could understand."  A. Madill

"The training was very useful and very informative to my area of work as a project manager, it will help me to mitigate FN risks in my planning.  (Trainer, Claire Marshall) A. Ahmed

BC Transmission Corporation
"Bob did an excellent job of dealing with an area that has many positive & negative issues in a way that was objective but positive."  R. M.

"An excellent session. It reinforced some of my experiences and provided enlightenment as to why some outcomes had occurred."  B. C.

"Very good manner, approachable, this is a potentially “hot button” issue for many people and Bob has the right personality to deliver contentious information."  G. S.

"Excellent information as always, Bob! These sessions are some of the most valuable I have received in my professional development."  T. W.

"Fantastic! I found Bob to be extremely intelligent, personable and easy to approach. The material was well thought out and very informative."   J. B.

"If you want to know about proper communication with Aboriginal Peoples this is the session for you."  W. R.

"I think that this workshop is completely necessary… In fact I think it should be mandatory…because too many people are left in the dark regarding the Aboriginal community. And when people are misinformed they draw their own conclusions."  D. W.

"This is a great introduction to Aboriginal history, affairs and consultation."  A. L.

Houle Electric Limited
"A great orientation and perspective into working with Aboriginal Peoples. Instructor was engaging and impressively energetic throughout the entire 1-day course." A. L.

"Very Educational. A real eye opener about history and how to properly respect Aboriginal Peoples in order to do and continue to do business." J. D.

Hydro One
"Found information delivered very interesting and helpful in working effectively with Aboriginal Peoples."  F. O.

"An excellent overview of what is important to help a consultation and relationship with aboriginal peoples flourish."  C. O.

Ontario Power Generation
"The 6 hours I spent here will save me Hundreds."  B. Robertson

"Bob presented the information with a sincere interest in encouraging us to understand the need to build relationship with First Nations & Métis People."  J. G.

"Packed with useful information on Aboriginal Peoples issues, values & ways corporations need to focus on consultation & relationship building."  W. Cudmore

"Excellent presentation.  Your advice was practical and clear, better yet you told us why things work or may not."  N. Siroski 

"Must have training for anyone who interacts with Aboriginal People…All of us."  R. Cocroft


Small to Large Sized Businesses

2 Badgers Consulting Inc.
"We recommend Bob and the training all the time because we have seen the results and success of taking the course."  G. A.

A. Schori Consultants Inc.
"Mr. Joseph provides an excellent overview of the Aboriginal Peoples’ perspective. His presentation is non-confrontational; this enables the audience to be receptive and respond with objective listening."  A. S.

Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
"The information provided to the group was informative and very relevant to our situation."  C. G.

"The future is somewhat clearer."  D. D.

Allied Container Systems Incorporated
"Appreciate the openness of discussion and particularly of the presentation & presenter. - All from a place of respect, knowledge, & integrity of the topic."  L. T.

Alpha Safety Ltd.
"Anyone desiring to work or interact with First Nations would receive much help from this workshop."  D. P.

Ames Environmental
"This has been an excellent & very relevant workshop for our needs today! Thank you! It has been very well organized!"  S. A.

Baird & Associates
"A wonderfully structured program that prompts some very informative discussions!"  H. Moses

Canada Lands Company
"I learned more about aboriginal + First Nations Peoples at the course then I ever did in school. Would love to have it over 2 days to get more in depth."  M. N.

Cascade Environmental
"Excellent information + resources for future dealings with aboriginal peoples. A must for beginning to build cross-cultural relationships."  K. A.

Catalyst Papers
"Bob is really is a knowledgeable and fantastic speaker. He brings a deep and balanced understanding of Indigenous People issues."  F. P.

"The knowledge of the instructor - as a Tseshalt FN(First Nations) member, Bob hit the nail right on the head about FN(First Nations) issues."  A. B.

"Phenomenal knowledge and experience bringing real life practical examples to the group. Open, honest dialogue lead to genuine discussion."  K. H.

CCS Corporation-Hazco Env.
"If there were more Bob’s in the world…or perhaps in government and industry…"  J. A. – Concord Well Servicing

CE Jones & Associates Ltd.
"Valuable opportunity for anyone working with First Nations. Provided clear examples of cultural and social differences to be aware of when consulting."  S. W.

Civic Engineering Services Ltd.
"This training is a must for anyone who deals with Aboriginal Peoples in a professional capacity."  H. P.

The ClearView Group
"Practical, relevant and insightful - very helpful."  D. G.

CN Rail
"Amazing instructor, amazing experience and I think this course should be mandatory for groups working with Aboriginal Peoples."  T. K.

Community Futures Development Corporation – Central Okanagan
"Fantastic opportunity for insight. Liked the ability to ask pertinent questions."  E. G.

DBA Associates Inc.
"The in-depth knowledge and experience of the trainer was particularly impressive."  D. B.

"Great session for a wide variety of backgrounds.  Bob offers practical advice in an engaging and entertaining way."  M. W. 

DP World (Canada) Inc.
"This course provided me with a better understanding of the history, context and values that will assist in developing positive relationships." S. Swanson 

Durable Solutions Inc.
"Bob provided a balance of perspective experience and well chosen anecdotes that gave not only practical tools but a much broader understanding of the mind set necessary to deal effectively with APS."  J. M.

F & M Installations Ltd.
"The open forum for discussions was well managed by the speaker and allowed great interaction by the group."  B. L.

Federated Co-operatives Limited
"Very important background to move forward with Aboriginal consultation and improving relationships."  M. J.

Four Seasons Resort
"An eye opener, lots of good information. The workshop was well organized & relevant to the transient nature of recruitment in Whistler."  R. V.

Fraction Energy
"Bob Joseph and his team deliver a comprehensive compelling presentation on the fundamentals of effectively working with Aboriginal People."  C. B. 

General Electric Capital

“An essential set of tools and awareness which are critical for any hope of being successful when engaging Aboriginal Peoples.”  K. S.

Golder Associates
"Provided an excellent background for me in ways to deal with Aboriginal Peoples (see I’ve learnt already!) and to understand the context of their perspective."  M. E.

Great Circle Consulting
"I found this workshop to be very informative & was delivered from “the ground up” for a better understanding."  S. G.

Kerr Wood Leidal
"Bob and Flavio are masterful communicators with an incredible breadth of knowledge on the historic and present issues in Indigenous politics. They set a strong foundation for further learning & discussion."  R. Lattimer

Krueger Electrical Ltd.
"Very educational and interesting."  O. K.

"I was very pleased with the material. The book was very good and enjoyable read."  A. S. 

Lehigh Northwest Materials Ltd.
"Excellent workshop. Cleared up my misunderstanding of the treaty issues in B.C. Canada."  C. C. 

"Gave me a new perspective on dealing with Aboriginal Peoples both from the business perspective and on a personal basis."  D. W.

Lions Gate Investigations Group
"Bob is a true expert & professional with a passion to see that we are successful to effectively work with Aboriginal Peoples."  I. C.

London Drugs
"Outstanding, an incredible, knowledgeable speaker with a course that is applicable for participants of various knowledge levels. I would recommend to anyone."  A. N.

"This seminar provided the most practical information that I’ve ever received from any other seminar."  M. K.

"Fascinating, informative, and very engaging – I am looking forward to much more contact with our local Aboriginal community."  P. M.

"Helped me to understand a lot of the cultural differences and tips on working with the community."  R. G.

Mosaic Homes
"Great practical advice, accessible, and well articulated."  A. Perry

"Bob is a gifted orator and a wealth of knowledge.  His stories alone are worth the time and expense of the training."  A. Herberts 

Moose Mountain Technical Services
"Having an interest in the progression of industry – aboriginal relations, this course has given me an informed and interesting appreciation for the issues on the table today and in the future."  J. G.

Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.
"I really enjoyed your presentation and, within one week, had an opportunity to incorporate some of the information into my work… I modified my approach somewhat to make sure I properly introduced the work and the meeting, indicated that we wanted to identify community-sensitive dates for the site visits and the modified approach also helped to identify key issues that might have represented major insults…Your seminar has also helped us to define, in cooperation with the Band, capacity building components that we have now incorporated into our work program."  L. W.

Murphy Construction
"This course holds no boundaries to the relevance and value to all levels of government, corporate or community training and education.  The knowledge gained, and understanding of Aboriginal Peoples history that lead to today's need for consultation, and acknowledgment, invaluable."  A. Berard

"Great training + information to help me be better informed + interact with much better content + perspective."  M. C.

Ontario SPCA
"Bob did an excellent job by insuring examples that were used in the class were applicable to the attendees."  J. Cannon 

Pelly Construction
"I thank you for your knowledge. With moving forward in building relations with First Nations. I leave here today with excellent knowledge."  A. C.

Port Metro Vancouver
"Amazing workshop.  Bob presented complex material in a truly engaging - and even entertaining way.  I look forward to working with Bob again."  J. K.

"Bob made a topic that can be very heated into a conversation that was very approachable."  S. M.

"It clarified a lot of the context around ideas and phrases I've heard my whole life."  J. P.

Public Safety Canada
"An excellent, practical and useful program of training with extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainers."  M. C.

"Excellent overview of history, of political developments and pivotal legal decisions, that shape relationships and expectations."  R. W.

Romyr Creations Inc
"A very meaningful experienced based workshop with valuable practical ideas and strategies for developing mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal Peoples."  R. S.

RT Ventures Ltd.
"Course and course leader were excellent.  Bob dispelled a lot of preconceived ideas about First Nations.  I learned a lot!"  R. E.

Silvacom Ltd.
"I can wholeheartedly testify that what I've learned will be applicable in my personal and professional life."  Z. C. 

Source Environmental Associates
"Very well organized and a lot of great examples of practical 'dos & don'ts' for engaging First Nations communities."  G. Farah

Spiritwest Management
"I’ve been working and living with Aboriginal Peoples all my 50 years and I still learned a lot. Thank you."  R. Mc.

SustaiNet Software
"Very informative day.  You have given me much to consider and apply to the understanding of the work.  Very well presented."  C. E.

"Detailed plus insightful training from a knowledgeable plus engaging instructor. Highly practical, culturally plus historically grounded."  T. C.

"Understanding how to work effectively and respectfully with Aboriginal Peoples within our region and country can only strengthen relationships for future business concerns. I feel confident after this training to be able to achieve that."  A. C. 

"It was easy to understanding the concept for all levels very engaging and informative."  S. T.

UniTrust Protection Services Canada Ltd.
"The workshop was time well spent in the search for understanding of how to engage with the First Nations community in a respectful and productive manner."  S. T.

Urban Systems
"Bob's extensive first hand knowledge is exceptionally valuable and is presented in a memorable way so that you could learn from it."  A. H.

"The Working Effectively Workshop opened my eyes to the lens through which Aboriginal Peoples see those wishing to engage in consultation. I have gained an appreciation for Aboriginal Peoples history and culture. 10 out of 10 Thanks Bob."  J. L.

"This was one of the most effective courses I have ever taken – Bob boils down convoluted & complex issues into the key components & messages. Excellent course!"  T. Z.

Westworth Associates Environmental
"The loss of an accurate account of our history is disappointing. I learned more about indigenous people today than I did in highschool."  L. B.

"There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings that exist in the North American society surrounding our Aboriginal peoples, this course dispelled these notions and explained how to interact with Aboriginal peoples in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner."  J. K.

"Bob Joseph did a great job of showing us how to integrate the fast-paced corporate world with the community."  W. H. 

Whistler Blackcomb
"Building relationships with first nations has been shrouded in misunderstanding, assumptions & misinformation. Bob helps to pull back the shroud in (a) high level and non-threatening program. I learned a lot and realized how much more there is to learn."  K. B.


Financial Institutions

Coastal Community Credit Union
"Engagement. Energy. Active, not passive.  Great to see the First Nations reaching out to educate us."  G. S.

"A fantastic learning experience filled with suggestions and recommendations on how credit unions can establish strong business relationships with Aboriginal Peoples"  B. D.

Connor, Clark and Lunn
"A frank discussion filled with insight on dealing with first nations. VERY HELPFUL."  K. L.

"Very interesting all encompassing course on how indigenous people function."  W. M.

Ernst and Young
"Deeply knowledgeable, highly sensitive and very eloquent – Thank you Bob, has been incredibly enlightening."  E. M.

Northern Savings Credit Union
"Bob provided good examples and thoughts about how we can professionally conduct business with Aboriginal peoples."  M. M.

"I really enjoyed the pace and content of the workshop. Bob was great facilitator and full of knowledge. I learned a lot and will be able to apply this knowledge to my day to day work."  G. W.

"Essential to any credit union thinking of launching an Aboriginal banking initiative."  M. T.

RBC Royal Bank of Canada
"Excellent cultural awareness seminar. Bob is obviously well qualified to deliver very well articulated, balanced perspective with valuable insight on relationship building within FN/Aboriginal Peoples Community!"  T. K.

"The first presentation on Aboriginal issues that I felt didn’t come from a position of anger or entitlement, but from a position of history, reality and law."  T. D.

"This was the best use of my time – I learned a heck of a lot in a very entertaining way. Bob is a fabulous communicator. The training guide is excellent."  I. J.

"Broke down some of the disinformation I wasn’t even aware I was being influenced by."  K. Spowart

"I really enjoyed the humor. I also appreciated the neutral delivery."  K. M.

"A great way to bridge the gap between the financial aspects of Aboriginal and Caucasian people."  C. M.

TD Bank Group
"Outstanding workshop!  I would encourage anyone currently or looking to work with Aboriginal Peoples to enroll asap!"  S. G.

TD Waterhouse Trust
"Fantastic opportunity for my own personal as well as professional development on communicating respectfully and developing relationships with aboriginal communities."  H. R.

"I was able to gain a more complete understanding of the wide scope of issues affecting Aboriginal Peoples. The course will help me avoid several insensitivities I could have and may still make, but I will have the tools to reduce my ignorance."  M. C.

TD Wealth Management
"The first step in the right direction in the general population understanding Canada's history is educate, this is the perfect place to start."  C. G.





Canada Revenue Agency
"Absolutely wonderful and extremely informative!  One of the best training seminars I have ever attended!  Thank you so much."  K. Taylor

"I learned a lot about Indigenous Peoples.  The book is fantastic!  Bob was very down to earth and had a very casual delivery which made the course more interesting."  M. Leger

"Mr. Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to get to know each attendee's particular difficulties. He adapted his approach skillfully."  N. Gosselin

Canadian Wildlife Service
"Bob provides excellent, practical, up-to-date information on how to develop positive, effective working relationships with Aboriginal people – highly recommended!"  J. K.

"Bob is remarkable in his ability to convey complex information and deal with the range of issues related to working with Aboriginal communities." C. de. 

Coast Gaurd
"This training has provided information, experience and awareness which I can immediately bring to my job - Project preparation and on-sight construction." K. D.  

Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada
"This training would be a terrific asset for our organizations middle managers as well as field personnel. Bob Joseph is a very professional and polished presenter, impartially presenting his extensive knowledge with a subtle passion & sense of humour."  M. G.

"If I was king for a day, I would use Bob to provide his training sessions to all members of staff within DFO who have to consult and negotiate with Aboriginal Groups/Bands. …the insight that he gives with his course will provide us with a new way of conducting many of the meetings that we attend."  S. R. - A/Chief of Training and Standards

"Every civil servant should take this course. Given the depth of such a topic I thought you touched on important points that enlightened me today. This was a great introductory seminar down to the basics beginning with how to approach First Nations – Finding out about them, their customs & culture. It would’ve been better if this course was expanded over two days or longer."  J. O.

"Bob, I thought that your workshop was very helpful and will definitely recommend your training to others."  H. Mac.

District of Highlands
"Awesome educational opportunity that I would recommend to others." L. H. 

District of Saanich
"Working in local Gov't for more than 10 years in initiating and developing relationships with First Nations, this the best foundational training I have seen and experienced."  P. T.

Environment Canada
"After working with First Nations peoples on issues for the past 10+ years I thought I was aware of the issues. Bob opened my eyes and answered questions I didn’t know I had. Well worth my time."  R. W.

"I really appreciated the factual, non-defensive, non-controversial manner in which I could learn about some controversial issues."  C. P.

"Bob is informative, engaging, positive, and full of common sense – all great tools for learning about and engaging with Aboriginal Peoples."  E. L.

"Throughout my career, working with Aboriginal Peoples was a priority but I always held back out of fear of saying/doing something wrong. When I tried I was met with little success. Now I know. I was doing it wrong. Thanks to this course I feel confident in moving forward engaging Aboriginal Peoples in conservation conversations."  T. S.

DFOCanada Species at Risk Program
"Interesting and engaging training! The instructors are very open to questions and give no judgment. I hope to take more training in the near future!"  S. S. 

Federal Treaty Negotiation Office
"I recommend that every BC private sector company in the resource industry should have their employees take this course to aid them in the understanding of Aboriginal issues in BC."  M. G.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
"Dynamic course, which has provided me with new tools and knowledge that I can apply to my work to make it more effective and respectful."  B. U.

"Packed full of knowledge, wisdom, common sense and practical tips. Useful for everyone who works with Aboriginal peoples."  C. R. 

"I really enjoyed this training. I think it has given me the potential to be a great presenter. Bob Joseph was a great facilitator and a great resource for the future."  D. W.

Infrastructure Canada
"A great training session - Bob provided a lot of insight and info in a condensed amount of time - he has empathy for both sides of the table which provides an excellent balance."  C. Buch

"Amazing!  I wish and think everyone should and or could enjoy the opportunity to learn from Bob!"  D. Campbell 

Natural Resources Canada
"Bob's depth and breadth knowledge of Indigenous affairs is impressive. His passion for sharing that knowledge shines through."  A. H.

Parks Canada
"This workshop provided me basic essential knowledge and advice in project planning with First Nations groups."  E. Y.

"This has been a very meaningful workshop to me on both a professional and personal level. Need more of this! LEARNED A LOT!"  S. K.

"I've attended several workshops over the years about working with Aboriginal Peoples. Bob’s workshop was by far the best."  R. M.

Peace River Regional District
"Wonderful information and thought process in engaging Indigenous People." S. A. 

Powell River Regional District
"I found Bob's insight enlightening and opened a whole new awareness for future use."  A. R. 

Public Services and Procurement Canada
"This course was informative and useful to my current position while being a great gate to more learning."  C. Oleny

"I started from step 1 in terms of knowledge and understanding of working with Indigenous peoples but now I feel better equipped to take my learning and understanding to the next level."  D. Kelly

"Great course, very relevant to someone in the Public Service."  P. Curley 

Western Economic Development
"Bob’s knowledge and non-threatening delivery make for a value-added session – positive experience, valuable information that can be used directly in my work."  J. R. 

"It was a great learning experience and opened my eyes to the current & historical experience of Aboriginal peoples in BC & Canada."  S. B.



Alberta Environments & Parks
"Very informative course. Questions were encouraged and relevant, current engagement/consultation info presented throughout the day."  A. B. 

"I Appreciated the delivery style of a close and comfortable environment (sittings and not lecturing) and the position he(the instructor) took on issues where it felt (like) he was part of "us" and not the instructor."  C. S.

"The course gives great information for staff prepping for consultation + engagement  - the what to do and what not to do is answered."  K. Z.

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
"I now fully understand the meaning of Aboriginal Peoples.  I will see a different future for me and my people.  It will also help me approach my work differently."  W. D.

British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries
"Bob Joseph Jr. provided a balanced overview of Aboriginal Peoples’ history – pre & post contact. He covered the Constitution, archaeology, cultural and language differences in an open, interesting and very informative way & provided really concrete examples of how to behave respectfully in difficult situations."  G. S-W.

"Bob is an energetic & engaging speaker, the course provides helpful tools to assist & improve my understanding of First Nations communications."  D. W.

"Excellent capsule of useful methods/ideas for working effectively with Aboriginal People."  W. H.

British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines
"I learned many best practices that I can use at work starting tomorrow. I think all the government and companies employed/work in resource sector should take this course. Return on registration fee & 1 day of your time will be significant."  S. M.

"A fantastic resource to improve communications and engagement through the consultative process."  M. Olsen

"It was great. The wealth of experience of the workshop leader is a +++." C. A. 

British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, & Natural Resource Operations
"This training really helped me remove my government hat and view Working w/ FNs from a different perspective."  A. Fennings

"This course really helped me understand Aboriginal Peoples cultural background which will go a long way with my interactions."  C. Dreger

"This training was useful for anyone in any gov't agency as we should all be at the same level of basic understanding."  B. Walter

"Great course providing background historical information of Aboriginal People to broaden the understanding of today’s culture and intentions." B. C. 

British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office
"Bob passionately presents information in a clear and understandable manner - he is infectious!!!"  D. G.

BC Housing
"This training really opened my mind to the mindset of Aboriginal People. I feel this training gave me many valuable skills to succeed in my current and future work with Aboriginals! Thankyou!"  A. Parnham

"I would recommend this training to anyone and everyone I’ve met.  I found it very interesting and informative.  It was emotional and also positive and shed light and hope on improving current relationships."  K. Liebenberg

"I first saw/met Flavio in 2012 at a semi-annual company meeting. Prior to that, the limited history I had about First Nations People(s) left me with little empathy and understanding and as such, little success in my professional life when interacting with First nations People(s). Flavio’s education has changed me. Today’s class has changed me – all for the better.  I feel enlightened, humbled and better equipped to engage and do business with First nations People(s). Thank you so very much."  S. Peters

"Bob, thank you for putting information about Aboriginal Peoples into plain English: Very effective and helpful."  K. B.

British Columbia Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
"I learned more on effectively working with Aboriginal Peoples in 3 hours than I dreamed possible, primary message on cultural understanding, preceding other materials subtly presented and critical to preparing subsequent understanding. Thank you!"  C. C.

"I now have a greater understanding of how & why the cultural differences and historical events are so important to consider when consulting with Aboriginal People. Great speaking style. Entertaining."  S. O. 

British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land & Air Protection
"I enjoyed very much Bob’s reinforcement of key messages that I have been struggling with. Bob brought me understanding and made the pieces fit together. This relates a lot to consultation and the terms and language I have been hearing for a few years."  S. E.

British Columbia Regional District of Fraser – Fort George
"I have chaired the P.G.T.A.C. for over eight years and attended numerous workshops. Some 2 days long at UBC. I learned more in this 8 hours than I learned total in 8 years."  T. B.

"Just wanted to pass along a quick note to thank you again for Friday’s workshop.  I’m still hearing rave reviews from people who participated.  It was an excellent workshop that presented great information in a very non-threatening manner.  Made it easy to ask lots of questions without fear of sounding ignorant."  R. Mc.

"Very beneficial and useful workshop. “Insider point of view” – allowed me to see the culture and other aspects/boundaries that I would not otherwise."  M. C. 

BC Timber Sales
"The best F.N. workshop I have been to."  D. H.

Manitoba Clean Environment Commission
"One of the best presentations of this type I have attended."  T. S.

"Excellent workshop, most informative."  E. Y. 

Manitoba Corporate Crown Land Policy
"Excellent overview of a complex subject."  M. K.

Manitoba Ministry of Conservation
"Very informative, interesting and extremely helpful.  Much appreciated."  D. D.

Manitoba Ministry of Conservation – Aboriginal Relations Branch
"Highly recommend.  Very enlightening."  R. M.

Manitoba Ministry of Conservation - Conservation & Water Stewardship
"Great workshop.  Would like to attend future events in this topic.  No complaints! Great speaker."  E. S.

"Provided valuable personal perspective and insight into Aboriginal customs and culture."  K. H.

"Great stuff to consider reviewing to carry out Duty to Consult."  P. S.

Manitoba Ministry of Conservation – Forestry Branch
"Excellent – Big Night Star in the Sky."  G. P. 

"These are the best workshops that the Department has ever put on, which is why I have never missed one.  Thanks for all the work with organizing and funding these."  J. D.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming
"Experienced practitioners and those new to working with aboriginal peoples will take away useful information to apply to their own experience and needs."  L. Zubowski

Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care
"Bob has a wealth of experience and many useful tips for ensuring success in working with Aboriginal Peoples."  A. H.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
"Government Senior Manager and Assistant Deputy Ministers should attend."  G. K.

Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
"Of all the courses I have attended over the last few years I found this course to be the most informative and practical."  A. W.

Yukon Territorial Government
"The facilitator is very knowledgeable. He covers all topics fully and in an interesting way. Very enjoyable."  J. S.

Yukon Government - Mineral Resources
"Excellent course to learn effective ways to engage with all levels of First Nations."  A. S.

"Great & concise overview with practical and relevant advice for government and industry."  B. M.



City of Burnaby
"I had the pleasure of hearing your presentation at the LMTAC Orientation session this morning, and I just wanted to communicate how impressed I was by it. Your presentation style is compelling and interesting, and the hard copy materials will be very useful. Many thanks for your participation today."  K. F.

City of Campbell River
"The presenter provides relevant and sensitive information in an entertaining and open manner, showing respect for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous People."  L. Sanelberg.

"I felt really unaware of First Nations culture or how to build relationships before this session. I have a great respect and understanding of First Nations Peoples after this. I can't wait to read your book!"  M. F.

"Great course, well informed trainer, up to date information."  I. D.

City of Colwood
"We can't afford to repeat this history, so we must learn from it."  C. D. 

City of Dawson Creek
"Bob has heard all the questions before. His responses are informative and balanced without being confrontational"  G. D.

City of Edmonton
"All governments, industry, corporations and HR depts, would greatly benefit from this session."  L. C.

City of Fort St. John
"Reading & hearing information thru news media is about the only way we learn regarding Aboriginal issues. Bob has given a different perspective & made understanding issues clearer."  C. S.

"Opened my eyes up to some of the problems and the possible solutions. Cleared up some of the misconceptions I had regarding aboriginal people."  A. D.

City of Lethbridge
"I would recommend Bob to any group, company, organization, government that requires fact-based training on engagement with Aboriginal Peoples.  His ability to incorporate historical perspective as a foundation for engagement was invaluable to our learning."  R. Miyashiro 

"The workshop provides practical tips & techniques in an easy to use fashion allowing you to avoid future communication disasters."  K. Schindel

"The information provided was eye opening and I believe all employees (and all Canadians) should take this course"  A. Slovack

City of Maple Ridge
"I feel much more prepared to do the work I want to do with First Nations and am more confident than I was prior to training about how to do it."  K. S.

City of North Vancouver
"The seminar was an excellent summary of First Nation issues which is very valuable to all our municipal employees."  K. T.

"Excellent program. More people need to understand the 'Real Story' rather than perceptions of reserves & Aboriginal People."  B. P.

"Absolutely fabulous presenter. Extremely knowledgeable. Would like to have had another 1/2 day."  L. Mc.

"Excellent, very informative, very good presentation. I learned a lot!"  T. C.

City of Port Coquitlam
"Thanks for putting in perspective for me!"  N. G.

City of Vancouver
"Relevant, relatable and immediately applicable insights plus information. Thank you for an excellent session that helped deepen my understandings. So much more to learn!"  D. S.

"I heard from coworkers this was a session not to miss, and I am glad to have participated in such informative training, which I hope to continue through the ebook and research."  K. Corey

"Highly recommended. Bob Joseph and Indigenous Corporate Training to bring a higher level of awareness and skills to our lives and work with Indigenous Peoples."  K. H. - Indigenous Awareness

"An absolutely stellar presentation - tackles a large, complex and sensitive area clearly & compellingly."  F. Kowalski - Flavio - Indigenous Awareness

"A very useful session which I expect to draw on in future work for years to come."  V. Kay - Flavio - Indigenous Awareness

"The facilitator was clear, concise and educated with humour & wisdom.  Very much appreciated and I will continue to learn."  C. Hopwood - Indigenous Awareness

"This was a highly valuable, informative and enlightening session!  There were so many important a-ha's and insights.  Bob was masterful @ relating his content to the audience's context."  M. Pankratz - Indigenous Awareness

City Of West Kelowna
"The best workshop I have attended on this workshop."  P. T.

Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks East
"Excellent information. This course is a great start in understanding the relationships needed for successful symbiosis between all people with Aboriginal Peoples."  T. Mc.

Islands Trust
"This was an excellent opportunity to learn about interacting with First Nations from a gifted speaker."  P. L.

"A very informative workshop delivered in a pragmatic and understandable way, and with a delightful touch of humour & personal anecdotes."  P. B.

"Bob is a gem.  A true expert in the topic of Aboriginal Relations. I highly recommend him as a trainer or mentor and would hire him again in a heartbeat."  L. G. 

LGAA. Local Govt. Admin. Assoc. Alberta
"Bob's workshop was chalk full of great information, complete with context, tips, and an extremely useful resource(book). Thank You!"  K. L.

"A very comfortable atmosphere to learn about a subject relevant to all Canadians & our work."  L. F. 

North Pender Local Trust Committee
"The clear & easy to understand explanations demystify the subject matter."  G. S.

Resort Municipality of Whistler
"Essential Training. If you don’t see a need to learn now, you’re already behind."  E. Z. - Councillor 

"This was a positive and informative experience. Thank you."  K. Mc.

Township of Esquimalt
"As an elected official it is critical that we deepen our understanding of First Nations history as it relates to whats happening in the present."  B. K.

Town of Ladysmith
"If you are new (or not) to working with First Nations, I highly recommend this course. Practical, highly skilled presenter."  F. A.

Township of Langley
"Engaging & Interesting."  E. A. 

Town of Smithers
"This course is invaluable to all local government managers. Bob explores every aspect of Indigenous relations in a comfortable and safe learning environment."  D. P.


First Nations

Beecher Bay First Nation
"When we are working with other cultural groups we need to communicate all issues so everyone can take at least one step towards having a greater future for everyone."  B. M.

First Nations Emergency Services Society
"Great workshop, tremendous insight to Aboriginal Peoples issues, creative approach suggestions."  D. M.

"A very relaxed learning environment, easy to process information."  C. C.

"Well paced and very informative and up to date information. This program will serve me well and supplement my 18 years experience in First Nations communities."  D. L. • Leigh Training Services Inc.

Gitlaxtaamiks(New Aiyansh) Village Govt.
"Very insightful training that gives clear perspective of many Indigenous Peoples and with each it varies to that Nation and their culture."  S. W. 

Indigena Solutions
"Even though I am a First Nations person and have participated in this workshop before, I found this workshop enlightening."  C. Leo.

KDC (Kwakiutl District Council) Health
"This workshop should be part of all basic orientation sessions for anyone working with aboriginal peoples/communities."  A. G.

Lil’wat Nation
"I think this process was long overdue to establish an effective working relationship between Whistler and Lil’wat Nation. I am certain this process will increase understanding and communication between the two communities."  C. L.

"This training opens an avenue for dialogue to break the cycle of misunderstandings between non-native and non F.N. native/FN."  M. P.

Métis Provincial Council of BC – Abbotsford
"A very informative workshop. I thought it was well paced. The instructor presented with easy mannerism and spent time with all participants throughout the seminar."  (Training For Trainers) H. B. 

Mount Currie Band
"The workshop is well laid out. Information collected has been very helpful. It’s great that important facts have been gathered into one presentation."  (Training For Trainers) L. J.

Musqueam First Nation
"This train the trainer workshop was an excellent opportunity to find our own natural talents to facilitate & talk about the history of Aboriginal people."  V. C.

"Training Trainers workshop is great! Would be beneficial to Aboriginal & non aboriginal people. Open, friendly atmosphere. It’s obvious that Robert has done a lot of research."  D. F.

Ntityix Resources (Westbank First Nation)
"Excellent examples of how and “how not” to work with First Nations."  D. Gill

Nuxalk Forestry L.P.
"Bob offered many opportunities for participants to improve their understanding in working effectively with Aboriginal Peoples… a “must attend” that won’t disappoint."  R. Hart

Okanagan Indian Band
"Great information. It’s like ‘now you know the rest of the story’ that is not taught at the public schools."  (Training For Trainers)  F. O.

Okanagan Metis and Aboriginal Housing Society
"Content was well organized and lent insight into the extensive diversities of Aboriginal Nations and their expectations on how to relate with each other – expectations etc."  L. N.

Okanagan Nation Transition/Emergency House
"Bob was easy to understand and help me to feel confident in facilitating my own workshop."  N. F.

"2 1/2 days of tools added to my memory & knowledge pool – AWESOME!"  V. B.

ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Indian Band)
"Bob is a subject expert, has awesome content, presents in a non-intimidating manner. I really liked his openness to group questions."  C. Bosman

Penticton Indian Band
"Very good workshop – so much interesting information you don’t want it to end. Excellent approach."  S. E.


Non-Governmental Organizations

ASK Wellness
"Important information."  M. Mc. 

Basketball BC
"Flavio is perfect in explaining the history of Indigenous People in Canada in a non-threatening but "safe" presentation."  L. J.

"Very well organized + informative presentation. The presenter was relaxed + maintained our interest throughout. Enjoyed!"  S. G. 

BC Wheelchair Basketball Society
"This information presented is so important for every person to hear. We learn as young kids some Aboriginal history but we NEED to be reminded and educated further. This training is a great start and will continue to gain knowledge to go forward."  N. B. 

"Before the Indigenous Awareness presentation there was a song of transition, and for me this awareness was a means of transition and transformation - Thank you!"  C. B. 

Business for Social Responsibility, San Francisco, US
"Bob Joseph is one of the most dynamic and effective trainers that I have encountered in my twenty years experience in this field. He makes the subject matter leap off of the page, while designing a training structure that fits the needs of a variety of learners. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Joseph’s services."  J. R. - Director, Extractive Program

Canada Snowboard
"Great delivery style, makes learning + questioning comfortable to digest . A must do in prep for working w. Indigenous People."  D. H.

Canadian Blood Services
"The presenters and trainers are highly knowledgeable and skilled, they demonstrated sincere interest in helping us achieve our learning goals . We will continue to attend training opportunities from ICT inc.  S. K.

Cowichan Women Against Violence Society
"I wish the employers in our community were present for this valuable information & discussion."  C.W.

Geoscience BC
"Bob's presentation style & this vast depth of knowledge allows for engaging conversation and valuable food for thought. I look forward to putting some of the theory into action and am confident about positive results."  A. Clifford 

Industry Training Authority
"Something I wish I had learned in high school. Creates an awareness and appreciation for the history and future of Aboriginal Peoples."  K. Holliday 

"Excellent info & definitely relevant in today's environment."  J. Lekstrom  

Liuna TriFund
"I highly recommend Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples as a valuable tool to help better understand Aboriginal communities and how to work in an effective and mutually beneficial manner."  A. P. 

Nanaimo Youth Services Association
"Very engaging presenter, well balanced with humour. Integrated into a serious subject."  G. F. 

Smithers Community Services Association
"Bob’s low key approach to addressing misconceptions allows the listeners to open their minds without feeling threatened."  C. J. 

Squamish Chamber of Commerce
"The course provides a good foundation to help strengthen the bridge between business and Aboriginal People."  K. H.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
"We want to motivate people to work towards positive change with HEAD (understand), HEART (feel passion for the issues) & HAND (use our tools to influence) – you have helped us with the 1st 2, now the 3rd is up to us – Thank you Bob."  H. H.

"Thank you for this wonderful introduction and the down-to-earth practical advice you have given. This has been a meaningful and thought-provoking lecture."  C. D.

"Leader very well informed and knowledgeable while creating a safe, non-judgmental and unbiased perspective."  T. M.

Whistler Chamber of Commerce
"Mandatory training for every Canadian!"  D. D. 

Whistler Museum
"This was an essential workshop for our community – partnerships with First Nations people need to be better developed and this course is a good place to start."  K.



Association of Admistration and Professional Staff at UBC
"A great introductory course that mixes very well history, practical tips and personal insights."  O. Cherepanova 

"Very contextualized training, rich with storied examples of where pitfalls exist. Engaging speaker who brought to life the rich opputunities of work with Aboriginal cummunities."  K. Nelson

"I learned things I didn't know before and several things I should have realized before."  M. Lauenstein

Center for Arts & Technology Okanagan
"From a program advisor’s perspective within post secondary school’s environment, this course would be very beneficial to any and all school officials who want to start working with Aboriginal Peoples. Learning the dos & don’ts & proper communication tools was a definite proactive approach to building the bridge & joining between communities."  J. W. 

Justice Institute of British Columbia
"I appreciate the fact that my own heritage is a major focus, & for others to learn what we are about and why it is important to understand our point of view."  B. H. Paramedic Academy

"Helped me to understand the importance of language, and that proper use will communicate respect and allow for better progress."  L. Mc.

"Great presentation! Bob has an excellent way of challenging people’s beliefs in an informed, yet non-confrontational manner."  J. M. - MCFD – Youth Justice 

"Excellent subject matter expert with an effective teaching style. I would recommend Bob Joseph to anyone interested in working more effectively with aboriginal peoples."  B. M. Paramedic Academy

Northern Lights College
"Very informative for people like myself who are not aware of Aboriginal Peoples’ issues and challenges, especially with respect to schools & education."  C. G. 

Northwest Community College
"The information, some sensitive, is presented in a safe way, no one is made to feel silly or 'not-knowing'."  A. McDougal. 

"I loved this presentation. It was culturally relative and sensitive to Aboriginal People. Hope to see you again at NWCC."  M. Biogioni.

"So much heart, emotion and honesty on a topic not discussed enough. Delivered with the utmost respect - Well done!"  D. Sanghera. 

Royal Roads University
"This workshop really clarified some issues that have long been cloudy for me. Bob Joseph was approachable and friendly, and responded to questions with care."  V. W.

"Absolutely bang on and relevant to any cultural work. Common sense approaches and useful information for corporations and groups who want to include Aboriginal Peoples in what they do."  K. S.

"Very eye opening. Very interested in particularly the treaty history and current processes, well covered. I liked the fact that audience questions and possible prejudices were dealt with on a professional understanding level."  S. B.

School District # 33 - Chilliwack, BC
"Flavio's delivery was perfect for such a sensitive topic. I personally learned a lot during the session and would gladly have listened endlessly. Just since the session, there have been so many relevant references in news and other interest feeds, that I feel so much more equipped to understand."  J. Britton

"The presenter (Flavio Caron) used humour to deliver a message that can be difficult.  Well done." - M. Kotanko - Indigenous Awareness

"The presenter (Flavio Caron) provided rich background information coupled with real stories of impact that helped us all with new learning, enabling us to work with all people/students with greater understanding."  E. Novak - Indigenous Awareness

"Informative, honest and engaging presentation that illustrates historical & cultural perspectives of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Important conversation for Truth & Reconciliation progress."  S. Petersen - Indigenous Awareness

"Every teacher should be part of this training to be able to respectful(ly) educate our students, all students."  J. Adams-Loupret - Indigenous Awareness 

Selkirk College
"Wonderful! I learned so much and now have a far greater appreciation for the complexity and hopefulnessof my own work with Indigenous People."  A. Alder 

"Bob presented the training on a difficult topic in a neutral but fair fashion, allowing us to explore some of our history without attaching guilt."  D. H.

"Well-prepared and presented. An excellent overview of the history of the problem along with potential solutions."  D. Hendevson

"Thankyou for sharing your insights about how we can positively contribute to Indigenous learning + nation building."  I. Parhit 

Simon Fraser University
"…By all accounts from students, your presentation was excellent with students asking for more. I hope we can find a way to work together again in the future. Thanks again, your presentation went a long way to helping our learners."  D. Mounsey - Chief Dan George Centre for Advanced Education

"A very insightful and helpful introduction to Aboriginal reality for people who need to have myths challenged & corrected and understanding built."  E. Pinkerton

Sprott-Shaw College
"This workshop not only opened a door to understanding the behaviours of my staff and students, but offered a multitude of options for encouraging better relationships in the community and in the organization."  S. K.

Thompson Rivers University & International Remote Sensing Surveys Ltd.
"I teach First Nations students at NVIT in Merritt. I also train First Nations Band in GIS. In order to do my training effectively I need to be trained by First Nations persons in First Nations culture and learning styles."  K. W.

UBC Faculities Planning
"A sensitive, informative, thorough introduction to an important aspect of our collective history. Thank you."  A. Policzer 

UBC Infrastructure Development
"Flavio is fabulous! I have an Indigenous background but the info provided and the way he delivered it really opened my eyes."  K. Husband

"Vitally important history and perspective delivered in a interactive and engaging way. Outstanding!"  J. Metras

"Favio provided and informative and unbiased presentation on one of Canada's saddest parts of it's history."  G. Mogut 

"Bob Joseph was incredible to listen to, engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly this was a great course."  R. H. 

UBC Project Services
"Really liked how the presenter gave the audience a flavour of the cultural sensitivities through examples - really practical."  D. C.

"Valuable insights delivered in an engaging and personal way"  J.M.

"Training was presented in a very respectful way to a group that is looking to improve aboriginal relationships, great advice."  P. B. 

Malaspina University College
"Very good. Reminded me that I need to read up more on F.N. issues. Definitely a must for all educators to take."  F. T.

"A thoughtful & balanced workshop that dispelled false assumptions and gave practical insight."  H. S.

"…You inspired many students, who left your presentation with a realistic picture of issues facing them in their careers."  G. K. 

Wilfrid Laurier University
"Fantastic training for corporations & government staff working with Indigenous communities."  J. Becker 

Yukon College
"Gifted and eloquent problem solver who makes respect and leading of potential conflicts understandable and logical."  V. A.


Legal Services, Law Enforcement, and Health & Emergency Services

Abbotsford Police
"Helped me to understand some protocols I should be considering in my communication/interaction with 1st Nations people. Relationship building & knowledge of the different issues. Key Respect."  J. P.

C.P. Railway Police Service
"Bob has considerable knowledge on the history and background of Aboriginal Peoples and presented current information in an unbiased and straightforward manner. I highly recommend this seminar for anyone who will be dealing with 1st Nations Peoples."  D. S. 

Catulpa Community Support Services
"I came to the training hoping that I would gain a better understanding. This training helped me to 'get it'."  K. S. 

City of Fort St. John Fire Department
"I learned a lot this morning, it was very valued and the content was extremely interesting and informative. It removed a lot of myths."  F. B.

"Bob presented the material in a non partisan format that helped me understand some of the more fundamental issues relating to our first nations."  J.L. 

Cowichan Bay Community Policing
"I found this session very informative, very interesting and really valuable to me personally & in my work."  S. J. 

Duncan Community Policing
"Great workshop, very informative & Bob is a wonderful speaker & knows his work well."  D. R.

"A great & informative workshop spiced with humour & anecdotes. A very knowledgeable speaker, able to answer each & every question with ease."  P. F.

Cowichan Youth Services
"This course fueled my interest in understanding the cultural differences."  A. W.

First Nations Emergency Services Society
"Great workshop, tremendous insight to Aboriginal Peoples issues, creative approach suggestions."  D. M.

Health Canada
"This is a very comprehensive, useful one-day seminar firmly grounded by Bob’s extensive knowledge and examples of the history of interactions with First Nations."  C. A.

"It was great, I learned a lot and the first and foremost, research a community before you engage in any communication."  N. G.

Legal Services Society of BC
"Overall a good workshop - valuable information."  A. K. 

"Great training! It was such an interesting session and I feel to have now more knowledge on First Nations and their culture."  A. Mordini

"Most interesting course. Have a better understanding of the situation. Having come from Corrections Canada where 33% of the population is Aboriginal, I did not understand the issues till now."  R. S.

"It made me aware of just how much I DON’T know about Indigenous People of Canada and the history of both."  R. T.

RCMP Victim Services
"Very helpful & informative. I liked the non-judgmental style of delivery. Thank you."  M. P.

Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission
"As a lawyer, I appreciated the practical analysis and consideration of cultural respect."  B. B.

"If the public had the knowledge and awareness that is touched on in this training and detailed in this book it would help dispel stereotypes and racism."  C. W. 

"I was happy to gain an educated and informative perspective instead of my former ignorant perspective."  O. L.

Vancouver Coastal Health
"Very informative. Bob is very knowledgeable & presented effectively. Created a comfortable learning environment."  D. W.

"Excellent historical, current, and future perspective on the issues relevant to beginning and developing a relationship with First Nations Peoples. Both practical + interesting."  J. Mc.

"This workshop was an excellent resource to bridge the gap between Aboriginal Peoples and those companies seeking to become more involved in the recruitment & retention of Aboriginal Peoples."  K. R.

Vancouver Police Board
"Deepened limited awareness; dispelled misconceptions – heightened personal sense of respect for and understanding of Aboriginal Communities."  K. B.

Vancouver Police Department
"It was very enlightening. After listening to the speaker, I developed a new understanding for what the current Aboriginal Community is facing."  L. S.

"Absolutely critical basic knowledge for all civil servants today."  J. deHaas

"Bob Joseph explained many important issues that will help the officers in the Vancouver Police Department deliver better service to our aboriginal communities."  J. C. 

Vancouver Island Health Authority
"This course helped broaden my views of aboriginal people. It should be mandatory for all health care staff!"  S. F.

"Everyone who works with Aboriginal People should have to attend this workshop – it was excellent!!"  G. F. 

"Bob has a unique way of combining his aboriginal background with commonly held (non-native) beliefs, giving the learner a well-rounded perspective."  J. S.