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Artificial Intelligence Policy


This AI policy outlines the principles, guidelines, and responsibilities regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. (ICT). The purpose of this policy is to ensure that AI is implemented ethically, responsibly, and in alignment with our mission, vision and values as an organization.

Ethical and Responsible AI Use

At ICT, we are committed to upholding ethical practices in all aspects of our operations, including AI usage. The following principles guide our approach to AI:

    1. Transparency: Any utilization of AI in non administrative tasks shall be disclosed and communicated transparently to our stakeholders.
    2. Privacy and Data Security: Any data collected and processed by AI will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations to safeguard individual privacy and ensure data security.
    3. Human Oversight: While AI may assist in administrative tasks, it will always be under human supervision to avoid the risk of autonomous decision-making.

No AI in Blog Article Writing

ICT is committed to producing high-quality blog articles that reflect our expertise and values. We believe that human creativity, empathy, and understanding are essential for crafting meaningful content. Therefore, all blog articles will be written by human authors to maintain authenticity and cultural sensitivity. 

AI may be used to add a voice narration option to the human-authored articles. The voice narration version will be closely reviewed by a human for accuracy prior to being made available.

AI Image Usage

ICT will not knowingly use AI-generated images in its materials, content, or communications. We are committed to ensuring that our visual representations align with our values and mission. As such, all images used by ICT are either created by humans or sourced from reputable and licensed providers.

AI in Administrative Tasks

    1. ICT acknowledges that AI has the potential to enhance administrative efficiency and streamline processes. We may employ AI in certain administrative tasks, but it will always be a tool to support human decision-making and not replace it entirely.
    2. Human Supervision and Intervention: Human oversight will be implemented to ensure that AI-generated results are accurate, appropriate, and aligned with ICT's mission and values.

Compliance and Accountability

ICT is committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards related to AI usage. Furthermore, we will hold ourselves accountable for the proper implementation of this AI policy and continuously strive to improve our practices.

Education and Training

ICT will provide ongoing education and training to employees involved in AI implementation to ensure their understanding of the ethical considerations, privacy concerns, and potential biases associated with AI technologies.

Periodic Review

This AI policy will be subject to periodic review to ensure its relevance, effectiveness, and alignment with evolving industry standards and societal values.


This AI policy reflects Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.'s commitment to leveraging AI responsibly and ethically. While AI may be employed to support administrative tasks, we remain dedicated to maintaining the human touch in our blog articles and upholding the values and principles that define our organization.

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