Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement in Alberta - Speaker Series

In 2013 we hosted a Speaker Series in Edmonton. Below are the speakers who kindly presented. 

Speakers and Topics:

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The Royal Proclamation Recognized Aboriginal Rights 250 Years Ago

Photo: Wikipedia

The Royal Proclamation, signed by King George III on October 7, 1763, is regarded as early and powerful evidence of the recognition of Aboriginal rights in Canadian law.

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First Nation Protocol Thanking the Host First Nation Why You Should

Bob Joseph

In this post, we share some insight on First Nation Protocol including why you should thank the host first nation, and on the side provide an example of First Nation protocol in practice, and lastly, we have some tips at the end to get you started.

A BC-based colleague recently had this interesting experience. He was asked to make a presentation to a large group of business people, government representatives, and First Nations, at one of the largest convention centres in Calgary. He prepared his presentation, checked it many times, and felt he was ready. But, at the last minute, he realized he did not know the name of the Nation on whose land the centre stood as he always, as is respectful and good protocol, thanks the host Nation. This is fairly common practice at events in BC.

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First Nations and Big Retail Outlets - Signs of Respect

This presentation is called First Nations and Big Retail Outlets. I was inspired to do this while on a recent trip to Campbell River, BC when I noticed this Target Store logo with First Nations designs beside it. That’s when it dawned on me that the local First Nations were involved in a big way in the retail sector. Not only were they involved, but it was with an all star cast of some of the biggest names in retail like The Home Depot.



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Dion Arnouse "Aboriginal Industry Engagement"

A First Nations Consultant's Perspective.

Dion Arnouse, founding CEO of 2Badgers Consulting Inc., an Aboriginal owned and operated consulting company, spoke at Expanding Our Knowledge Conference in April, 2013.

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Aboriginal Sacred Plants: Sage

This is the last in our series on Aboriginal sacred plants. Sage, along with sweetgrass,red cedar and tobacco, is one of the four plants considered sacred by First Nations and Métis Peoples. Sage is used broadly for many purposes by both First Nations and Native Americans - and is described here in only the most general of terms. Similar to sweetgrass, it is used in many geographical locations in North America, whereas red cedar is primarily used in ceremonies on the northwest coast.

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Did Christopher Columbus Discover the New World?

Photo: Shutterstock

I would like to talk to you about contact, discovery and the New World.

Specifically, I would like to answer the age-old question, "Did Christopher Columbus Discover the New World?" Keep in mind this is not a history lesson as much as it is a lesson in cross-cultural communications.

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Vincent Schilling Aboriginal Youth Suicide

This very compelling video Stay With Us Young Warriors, We Need You Here by Vincent Schilling, a Mohawk journalist and author, is a resource we can all share with our children and young adults we know and careabout. This video is particularly great because Vincent makes the point that he has personal experience with some of the darkness that can overwhelm a young life and assures them that it is a point in time that passes and that life will get better. Please consider sharing this video with everyone you know.

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Are there Aboriginal Paralympians? Yes! Richard Peter!

Richard Peter, a proud member of the Cowichan Tribes of Vancouver Island, is a veteran on the men’s wheelchair basketball team and will be competing for Canada for the fifth time! Peter and his teammates have won medals in three Olympics - gold medals in 2000 and 2004; silver in 2008.

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Rick Mercer and the Indian Act

By Bob Joseph

There has been a lot of discussion of late on whether or not the Prime Minister of Canada is going to revamp the Indian Act. All the discussion reminded me of a clip from the Rick Mercer show earlier this year, following the January Crown - First Nations Gathering. 

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