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Can a proponent refuse to take on procedural aspects of the duty to consult?

True or false?  A proponent can refuse to take on the procedural aspects of consultation.

It’s true, it’s been done, but it can be a questionable move. A proponent that decides to rely on the Crown to fulfil its duty to consult risks placing itself in a vulnerable position on a very critical component of project development.

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Topics: Indigenous consultation and engagement

Why Pre-engagement Research of Indigenous Communities is Important

There are many reasons for researching an Indigenous community but for the purposes of this article we are talking about research in terms of a project proponent and an Indigenous community.

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Topics: Indigenous consultation and engagement

Compilation of resources for Indigenous consultation

When first starting work on a project that may intersect with one or more Indigenous communities there is a mountain of background information that needs to be compiled. If you are new at working with Indigenous communities knowing where to start your research can be overwhelming so we've put together a resources starter kit.

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Topics: Indigenous consultation and engagement

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