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Indian Act (4)

YouTube screenshot of comedian Rick Mercer talking about the Indian Act

2 min read

Rick Mercer and the Indian Act

There has been a lot of discussion of late on whether or not the Prime Minister of Canada is going to revamp the Indian Act. All the discussion...

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Chiefs in BC nation, 1910.

2 min read

First Nation Chiefs' Traditional or Elected Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of First Nation Chiefs, traditional or elected, are not easily defined and are not synonymous across Canada due to the...

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Two Cree girls in their beds in the girls' dormitory at All Saints Indian Residential School, Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan, March 1945

3 min read

Indian Residential Schools

In 1844, the Bagot Commission of the United Province of Canada recommended training students in “…as many manual labour or Industrial schools as...

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Christopher Columbus' ships

1 min read

Canadian Indian

The origin of the term “Indian” dates back to Christopher Columbus, who mistakenly thought he had reached the East Indies, so referred to the people...

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