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Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®


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Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples (2)


1 min read

Aboriginal Relations – Chelsea Hotel

One of our newsletter subscribers, Rod Cunningham, brought to our attention an online ad regarding exclusive accommodation rates for the Indigenous...

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neon sign that says laugh

2 min read

First Nation Humour

When a people can laugh at themselves and laugh at others and hold all aspects of life together without letting anybody drive them to extremes, then...

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2 min read

Aboriginal Community Development Policy

In a recent post Strategize your Aboriginal Engagement, we provided suggestions on some key actions to develop your formal in-house Aboriginal,...

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First Nations Health Authority logo

2 min read

First Nations Health Authority: A new era of First Nations health in BC

British Columbia First Nations are making history by undertaking a transformative process to change the way health care is delivered to their...

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red hardhat on a worksite

3 min read

Business Case for Creating Inclusive Worksites for Aboriginal Workers

Kelly J. Lendsay, President & CEO, Aboriginal Human Resource Council, is a social entrepreneur who is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s...

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Debunking Myths Surrounding Canada's Aboriginal Population

Debunking Myths Surrounding Canada's Aboriginal Population was released by TD Economics on June 18, 2012. In the Special Report by TD Economics, the...

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