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Tommy George Prince

3 min read

Tommy George Prince Military Medal and Silver Star Recipient

The story of Thomas "Tommy" George Prince, Canada’s most decorated Indigenous soldier, is inspiring and tragic. It also underscores the inequality...

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Private Patrick Joseph Augustine (Tjopatlig), Mi'kmaq traditional chief of the Big Cove Reserve, N.B., serving with the Black Watch of Canada

3 min read

14 Facts You May Not Know About Contributions of Indigenous Veterans

Did you know November 8 is National Indigenous Veterans Day? If you are new to the knowledge of the significant contributions of Indigenous veterans...

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Elders and Indian soldiers in the uniform of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Photo: Library and Archives Canada / PA-041366

2 min read

Indigenous Veterans: Equals on the Battlefields, but Not at Home

Indigenous Peoples in Canada have fought on the front line of every major battle Canada has been involved in, and have done so with valour and...

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Navajo Code Talkers Memorial in Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza. Photo: Shutterstock

3 min read

Canadian Indigenous Code Talkers Remain Unacknowledged

The ability to send encrypted, unintelligible messages is crucial for keeping the wraps on military campaigns. The Germans, in the 1920s, developed...

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Pte. Tom Longboat buying a paper from a little French newspaper boy. June, 1917. Photo: Photo: Library and Archives Canada / 3194329

3 min read

Indigenous War Heroes - More Than a Few Good Men

When we think of Indigenous war heroes Tommy George Prince immediately and justifiably jumps to mind. But, there are many other Indigenous heroes who...

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