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Indigenous Rights (3)

Supreme Court of Canada. Photo: Robert Linsdell

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Guerin v. the Queen 1984

In 1955, the Musqueam First Nation approved a surrender "in trust" of some of its reserve land in the city of Vancouver, for the purpose of a lease...

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fishing boats in Steveston, BC

2 min read

The Sparrow Case Affirms Constitutionally Protected Aboriginal Rights

The 1990 Supreme Court Decision in R. v. Sparrow was the first Supreme Court of Canada decision which applied s. 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982...

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Jean Chrétien, White Paper announcement, June 1969.

2 min read

1969 White Paper - Rejected by Liberal Party of Canada

At the Liberal Party of Canada biennial convention in Montreal in February 2014, party members voted on a number of policy resolutions. Of particular...

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trees seen from the forest floor

2 min read

Who Owns TEK?

Definition: Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) describes aboriginal, indigenous, or other forms of traditional knowledges regarding...

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Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812. LAC 2895485

2 min read

War of 1812... Who Won? Undecided. Who Lost? Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

The seeds of the War of 1812 (1812 - 1814) were sown in the Napoleonic Wars (1799 - 1815) between France and Great Britain. Napoleon, frustrated by...

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