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Famous Indigenous People

Tommy George Prince

3 min read

Tommy George Prince Military Medal and Silver Star Recipient

The story of Thomas "Tommy" George Prince, Canada’s most decorated Indigenous soldier, is inspiring and tragic. It also underscores the inequality...

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Pte. Tom Longboat buying a paper from a little French newspaper boy. June, 1917. Photo: Photo: Library and Archives Canada / 3194329

3 min read

Indigenous War Heroes - More Than a Few Good Men

When we think of Indigenous war heroes Tommy George Prince immediately and justifiably jumps to mind. But, there are many other Indigenous heroes who...

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Nisga'a raven rattle

3 min read

The Day I Met Joe Gosnell

First and foremost, on behalf of myself and my father, Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, O.B.C., O.C, I want to give my condolences to the Gosnell family and...

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7 min read

Celebrate 21 Indigenous Athletes for National Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous athletes often face tremendous difficulties beyond the rigours of training for their sport. They are frequently from geographically and...

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Supreme Court of Canada building

3 min read

Frank Calder: The Man Who Moved the Mountain

This is another installment in our series on the people behind the transformational court cases that affect Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Please...

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totem poles in Alert Bay, BC, 1920

3 min read

Canada’s Complicated History with First Nation Totem Poles

Canada has a complicated history with the totem pole. Totems have been misunderstood, coveted, stolen, quashed, copied, and celebrated. The first...

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Tom Longboat. Photo: Canada's Sports Hall of Fame / Library and Archives Canada / PA-050294.

8 min read

National Indigenous Peoples Day  21+ Important Indigenous People to Celebrate

To celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21 we have compiled a list of 21+ important Indigenous people from all walks of life. It is a...

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Orca and Thunderbird Bentwood Box - Bruce Alfred Photo: A.Davey, Flickr

4 min read

A Tribute to the Late Chief Beau Dick

Chief Beau Dick, or Gigame’ ‘Walas Gwa’yam, was born on November 23, 1955, and passed away, far too soon, on March 27, 2017. He was a world-renowned...

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Chief Dan George

6 min read

Reflections in 2017 on the 1967 Centennial Speech of Chief Dan George

As Canadians from coast to coast to coast prepare to mark Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1, 2017, I wanted to revisit and reflect on the late Chief...

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Chief Dr. Robert Joseph receiving the Order of British Columbia

2 min read

Chief Robert Joseph Appointed to Order of British Columbia

On June 15, 2015, I, along with my sisters, had the great honour of witnessing our father, Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, be appointed to the Order of...

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