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Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®


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Cultural Appropriation

headdress Indigenous appropriation

2 min read

Why Cultural Appropriation is Disrespectful

Randomly plucking “popularized” images of a marginalized culture for entertainment or profit without respect for or an understanding of the culture...

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Dancing at a totem raising. National Indigenous Peoples' Day 2023. Photo: Doug Young

4 min read

Indigenous Knowledge and the Question of Copyright

Indigenous Peoples around the world are increasingly concerned about protecting their Indigenous knowledge (IK) and traditional cultural expressions...

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talking stick

2 min read

Appreciating or appropriating Indigenous culture?

A reader recently asked us a question about talking sticks. We changed the question a little so as to preserve the confidentiality of the questioner.

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Chief Wahoo mascot

1 min read

Appropriate Use of Indigenous Images and Symbols

The debate over the appropriate use of Indigenous images and symbols as mascots or logos for sports teams has been going on for years, both in Canada...

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