Forestry and reconciliation: focus on BC

 Since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its summary report containing 94 Calls- to-Action we have written a series of articles on what various organizations can do towards reconciliation. We have articles on what local governments, municipalities, dioceses and schools are implementing or could implement to reset their relationship with Indigenous people. In this article we visit the forestry and reconciliation. We provide an overview and then focus on British Columbia as BC is historically the biggest producer of forest products and its forestry/Indigenous relations have progressed since the infamous “War in the Woods” era.

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Colin Doylend, Director Aboriginal Relations, Britco

Dedicated to Brirco’s objective of working to make a difference in transforming the construction industry with innovative modular construction technology, Colin Doylend is a Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer (PAED), Certified Environmental Professional (EP), and Britco’s Director of Aboriginal Relations, where his primary task is to create mutually beneficial business partnerships with Aboriginal communities.
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Presenting to First Nations Peoples

In this article, I’m going to provide some practical tips on what to do and what not to do for speakers/presenters who will be making presentations to audiences that include First Nations Peoples.    

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Chief to Chief Negotiations

When planning your consultation and negotiation meetings with the Nation on whose traditional or treaty lands you hope to work, it’s important to get things off on the right foot.

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Reconciliation as part of First Nation Negotiations

Lyle Viereck recently launched a private consulting firm Lyle Viereck Consulting Services Inc. As the former Director of Aboriginal Relations and Negotiations for BC Hydro and a Chief Negotiator with the Province of BC, he has a depth of negotiating experience. He also has a unique perspective on reconciliation as part of First Nation negotiation that we were eager to learn more about. Lyle kindly took some time to share his invaluable insight.

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Lyle Viereck Consulting Services Inc

Lyle Viereck was born and raised in Prince Rupert in northern BC. His family heritage includes Creek Indians from Oklahoma, American black slaves, Irish and German. As a result of this very diverse background Lyle grew up fighting for equality and against racism and was influenced by his family forming labour and credit unions.

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Protecting your Aboriginal Relations Strategy in a Recession

It looks as though Canada may be entering an economic slowdown which means managers and financial officers will be given the task of cutting costs. Unfortunately, at times like these, in some companies, Aboriginal relations go from being considered a real and necessary part of doing business to being considered a luxury.

What’s wrong with the above scenario? It sends a message to Aboriginal Peoples that these companies are "here for a good time, not a long time."

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Corby Lamb First Nations Forestry

In 2003, Corby Lamb, President, Capacity Forest Management Inc., left a senior management position with Western Forest Products Inc. to launch a unique, full service forest management company. Corby kindly took some time to describe the mandate of his Campbell River based company.

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Can First Nations Hunt in National Parks

This is a commonly asked question so we did some research to find the answer and found out all sorts of interesting information about the history of national parks and evolution of the relationship between national parks and First Nations Peoples.

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Aboriginal Relations – Chelsea Hotel

One of our newsletter subscribers, Rod Cunningham, brought to our attention an online ad regarding exclusive accommodation rates for the Aboriginal community, and made this comment “A nice example of how business can be more inclusive and welcoming to Aboriginal Peoples.” So, we decided to find out more about the initiative and the impetus behind it.

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