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Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®


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Featured photo: Bob Joseph at the Aboriginal Opportunities Forum 2014. Photo: Tyson Jerry, courtesy of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Vancouver Board of Trade Intercultural Presentation by Bob Joseph

In case you wondered what I (Bob Joseph) do for a living, here is a 45-minute video of my "Intercultural Presentation" delivered at the Vancouver...

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diverse people teamwork

3 min read

Reactive vs Proactive Racial Bias Training

I was recently included in a conversation on CBC’s The Current about the efficacy of anti-bias training. The host, Anna Maria Tremonti had three...

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Bob Joseph at the Aboriginal Opportunities Forum 2014

2 min read

Aboriginal Opportunities Forum 2014

The Aboriginal Opportunities Forum is an annual event at the Vancouver Board of Trade. Launched in 2010, the Forum is a full-day event featuring...

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Bob Joseph - Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

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Aboriginal Engagement Intern'l Association of Public Participation

I was invited by the International Association of Public Participation to speak on Aboriginal Engagement at their Annual General Meeting in Vancouver...

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