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Maris Chisholm (Guay) MEd.T


Maris Chisholm - ICT Trainer/SpeakerMaris brings over two decades of experience in the Education and Training industry field, specializing in visual design and learning. She embarked on her journey as a multimedia and game designer at Mount Royal University, where her passion for education design and curriculum development in eLearning and face-to-face delivery modes was ignited. Maris possesses a deep interest in the psychology of learning and recognizes the transformative potential of art and education in facilitating self-actualization and healing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the esteemed Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of Canada's oldest and most renowned art schools.  Her early career involved immersion in game and interface design before she pursued and received a Master's degree in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia.

Raised in northern Alberta within Treaty 8 territory with Ukrainian and Indigenous heritage, Maris encountered barriers to accessing her Indigenous roots due to societal prejudices and generational trauma. Despite this, her Métis and Cree grandmother instilled foundational values and Indigenous ways of knowing through storytelling and traditional crafts such as sewing, embroidery, and beadwork.

Maris stands as the first individual in her family in generations to attain a formal education degree beyond high school. She holds Métis status from the Métis Nation of Alberta and remains committed to exploring and honouring Indigenous history and culture. Maris is a dedicated bridge builder, educator, and artist who champions collaborative and empathic approaches to fostering cross-cultural understanding, healing, and self-empowerment through knowledge and creative expression. She embodies the belief that unity prevails among all, emphasizing the importance of collective effort in achieving shared goals.

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