If you answer “no” to five or more of the following questions, our course Indigenous Employment: Recruitment & Retention may be a good fit for your organization.

  1. Are you familiar with Indigenous employment strategy best practices?
  2. Have you made an extra effort to create an inclusive worksite for Indigenous staff?
  3. Does your organization have a self-identification form?
  4. Do your leave policies accommodate traditional or cultural responsibilities and activities?
  5. Do you have a mentorship program for Indigenous staff?
  6. Do you offer cultural awareness training for management and staff?
  7. Do you know the difference between treating Indigenous staff equally and fairly, but not preferentially or paternalistically?
  8. Have you studied what is expected from greetings, eye contact, and handshakes with Indigenous employees?
  9. Do you believe “special” rights should be afforded to Indigenous Peoples as stated in the Constitution?
  10. Are you aware that there are cultural differences among Indigenous Peoples?
If you responded "No" to more than five questions, then our course may be right for your organization.

Your Commitment + Our Training = Informed Indigenous Relations