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Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. offers the following free resources. Please enjoy these ebooks and downloads and be sure to share with family, friends and colleagues. These downloads are a sample of what we offer in our training programs and not a comprehensive information source. If you find you have questions or want to learn more, then take our training, and we will answer those questions, provide context and insight.


We believe that by sharing knowledge and information through our training programs, blog and free resources we can make the world a better place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. These are all the available downloads on our website. Fill out the forms and we'll get you copies. We'll be adding more in the next few months so check back frequently. 


This is our most popular ebook ever - 10,400+ downloads to date and counting. Grab your copy now - simply click this link or the icon below to download your copy.


















And this is the companion ebook - 27 valuable "must do" tips for Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®Click this link to download your copy




Are you are looking for a shortened reference on terminology related to Indigenous Peoples? This ebook is a good resource - click this link or the image below to download your copy.



The term "Indigenous self-government" is widely used in Canada, and perhaps equally widely misunderstood. We want to help people understand what self-government is and why Indigenous Peoples want to return to self-government. This free little ebook provides clarity on the term and sketches out some of the key issues underlying the quest for self-government by Indigenous Peoples, and provides some examples of self-government agreements. Click this link or the image below to download your copy.

Indigenous Self-Government Ebook Cover.png



Aboriginal rights, title and duty to consult are weighty topics that have been working through the courts for decades. Knowledge of the defining court cases is important when working with Indigenous Peoples but who has time to plow through long legal dissertations? Knowing that not many of us do have that sort of free time we took the foundational Supreme Court of Canada decisions and summarized them for you in this handy little ebook. Click this link or the image below to grab your copy.


 Aboriginal Rights Summaries.png


There are many myths regarding the perceived advantage Indigenous Peoples have over non-Indigenous Peoples. In this ebook we drill down on nine myths and provide their realities. Click the image above or this link or the book icon to download your copy.


 Facts Myths written on a chalkboard-758579-edited (1)-054086-edited.jpeg

For Local Government, doing or saying the wrong thing and inadvertently causing offense when working with Indigenous Peoples can get the relationship with an Indigneous community off to an awkward start. This little ebook has 21 tips for local government representatives on what to avoid doing and saying. Click here or the image below to begin your download. 

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This handy little ebook is a great free resource for anyone in Local Government looking to work with Indigenous Peoples including: the Indian or First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Peoples. The must do's contained in the book will definitely give some great ideas to help you before that next community meeting. Click here or the image below to begin your download. 



 19 Tips local gov cover-242618-edited.png


Rather than start from scratch on an Impacts and Benefits Agreement use our generic template. Our download can be modified for your unique needs. Click the image or this link to download your copy.






Here's a template for an Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Confidentiality and Consent form that can be adapted to your particular needs. Click the image or this link to download your copy.






Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. is happy to provide these free resources to our blog learners, website and social media visitors. 


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We believe learning is a lifelong endeavor so we offer a spectrum of training that will build your knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and provide you with invaluable skills to help you work respectfully and effectively with Indigenous Peoples. We provide our training to the public in various cities and on-site for our clients. Check out our courses that support your continuum of learning. Click the image below to see when our Training Week is coming to a city near you.