businessman anxiousAre you ready to engage with the community but aren't sure of where to start?


In this course, we build on our Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® to help you develop and hone practical skills and tools that can be applied during consultation and engagement activities. With some tried and proven approaches individuals and organizations can position themselves to be successful in consultation and engagement efforts.  Be prepared to ask lots of questions and participate in class discussions as you work through your workbook (provided).  


Bob Joseph Indigenous Corporate Training

Purpose of the Training:

  • Provide information to help participants with their engagement and consultation efforts.
  • Support appropriate cross cultural communications.
  • Learn to apply the RESPECT model from the introductory Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®.
  • Practice conducting risk assessment using the Risk Assessment tool provided in the introductory Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®.
  • Share experiences and learn from others.
  • Raise awareness of best practice for strengthening relationships during the consultation process.

Did you know?

Our Indigenous Consultation and Engagement training is a BC Law Society accredited educational activity. 

For Alberta lawyers, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone needing to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements for consultation
  • Federal, provincial and local government representatives
  • Business representatives from the retail, industrial and financial sectors
  • Senior executives, managers and board members
  • Line managers, project managers and project team members
  • Communications and community relations staff
  • Properties and lands staff and policy makers
  • Human resources and customer services staff who work directly with Indigenous people and communities
  • Indigenous Relations or Affairs staff

At this course you will:

  • Review and build on the elements of consultation
  • Know the difference between consultation and engagement
  • Learn the intent of consultation
  • Review what constitutes accommodation
  • Review ways we can strengthen our consultation practices
  • Become familiar with the use of the Risk Assessment Tool
  • Prepare for questions your Indigenous counterparts will ask you
  • Know how to deal with issues related to western science and traditional ecological knowledge
  • Practice protocol and interactions
BTW: your next step on your journey could be to learn how to negotiate with Indigenous Peoples.

For teams or organizations:

We provide our training courses on-site or online to your team or organization. These courses are private, economical, and can be delivered to your team at a place and time of your choosing. 

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8:30 am - 4 pm
Up to 30 people
At a location of your choosing

For individuals:

This course is also open to the public and is being offered in multiple locations across Canada during our Training Weeks. Register for just this course or for the full week.

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This course only, for  $600
take all 4 Training Week courses for  $1800

Suggested prerequisites: To ensure you receive the most benefit from this training we highly suggest previous attendance in Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®. This training is a continuation of the learning in that course.


8:30am to 4:00pm

  • Introductions & objectives
  • Key information review
  • Consultation vs. engagement
  • What is the Intent of consultation?
  • What constitutes accommodation?
  • Accommodation scenario exercise
  • Ways to strengthen consultation
  • Risk, consultation and accommodation
  • Risk assessment exercise
  • Anticipating questions and how to respond
  • Western science vs. traditional environmental knowledge
  • Community profiles exercise
  • Protocol and practice (case study)
  • Evaluations

"I took the first course, Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples® which was fantastic and I feel the same about this one. I have taken other Consultation courses which left me with questions and confused. This one not so. It was a very good course."

C. N.    Fisheries & Oceans Canada

Your Commitment + Our Training = Informed Indigenous Relations