Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples

The 4th edition of our very popular book expands upon the previous editions with additional  content, insight, our trademarked RESPECT training model, and suggestions on what one  should do and what one should avoid doing when communicating and working with Indigenous Peoples.

Our goal with our courses, and this book, has always been to increase readers’ Indigenous awareness, cross cultural understanding, provide context, and give readers some practical hints, tips and suggestions that can be applied everywhere.

This book will provide readers with opportunities to:

  • See both sides of the debate on Indigenous Peoples' rights, title and treaties
  • Understand the difference between "Indigenous" and "Aboriginal"
  • Sift through the rhetoric to find creative solutions to workplace challenges
  • Become familiar with terminology and interpersonal communications by learning what to say and what not to say to be respectful
  • Learn business reasons for governments and organizations to work respectfully and effectively with Indigenous Peoples
  • Explore individual and organizational strategies for Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®
  • Learn critical legal and practical information on consultation and accommodation

Indigenous Relations Press

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In this short video, Bob Joseph provides some of the content from the book in a presentation at the Vancouver Board of Trade.

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