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Indigenous Corporate Training provides both public training and on-site training for our clients and customers. Each year our facilitators train thousands upon thousands of people who are interested in learning how to work with, consult with, engage with, or negotiate with Indigenous Peoples. 


Below you will find information on upcoming Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® Training Weeks. You can register online for any of our public training offerings to be held in various cities. 


We also provide our training courses on-site to your team or organization. These courses are private, economical, and can be delivered to your team at a place and time of your choosing.  



We believe that by sharing knowledge and information through our training, blog and free resources we can make the world a better place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.


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Click the image below to see if our Training Week is coming to a city near you. 

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We have a number of great courses!

Here's what we can do to help you in your work with Indigenous Peoples and communities

Indigenous Awareness On-site Training for your team

Training is available in a three hour format and can be delivered in the morning or afternoon depending on client preferences. It's interactive with time built in for learners' questions and answers. 

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Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® Training

We took our classic Indigenous awareness training to the next level when we developed this course. It's designed to help individuals and organizations work more effectively with Indigenous Peoples by getting beyond awareness to practical skills that can be applied everywhere.

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Indigenous Consultation and Engagement™  Training

Continue your learning after taking Indigenous awareness training with our Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® training and step up to our Indigenous Consultation and Engagement™ training. Here we provide practical consultation skills, tools, and practice needed for consultation and engagement with Indigenous Peoples.

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How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples™ Training

What comes after consultation? Negotiation. Our "How to Negotiate" training prepares participants to comfortably lead or participate in a negotiations process. 

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Creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan

Do you need help creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan? Not sure what goes into one? Where to start? Or who to talk too? We can help you learn first hand what goes into creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan. Start from scratch or polish one you're working on.

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Training Week is Almost Here!

Did you know we offer many of our courses live in one city during Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® Training Week? Check out our Training Week in a number of cities. We host them in the spring and fall each year. There's a wide variety of courses to register for that range from basic Indigenous awareness right through to negotiations. You'll receive great training and meet new people. Hope to see you there!

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What one of our customers says

“I really enjoyed your presentation and, within one week, had an opportunity to incorporate some of the information into my work… I modified my approach somewhat to make sure I properly introduced the work and the meeting, indicated that we wanted to identify community-sensitive dates for the site visits and the modified approach also helped to identify key issues that might have represented major insults…Your seminar has also helped us to define, in cooperation with the Band, capacity building components that we have now incorporated into our work program.”



L. Wrong • Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.

Moments to remember

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