Welcome to Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.:  your guide to Indigenous relations. We help people build Indigenous Relations by providing public or onsite training either in person or online for you, your whole team or organization.

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In this rapidly changing political and legal world people are concerned with saying or doing the wrong things. We believe that through our training you will become culturally competent and comfortable in your Indigenous relations.

 Our courses: Indigenous AwarenessWorking Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®Indigenous Consultation & EngagementCreating an Indigenous Engagement PlanHow to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples 

BTW: Our training meets a number of the TRC calls to action.

We believe that by sharing knowledge and information through our training, blog, and free resources we can change the world for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Key training features:

FIELD-TESTED - Our training has been extensively field-tested with thousands of participants across many organizations. Check out our testimonials page.

UP-TO-DATEAll of our material is well-researched and up-to-date. Our Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® book is in its 4th edition.

INTERACTIVE - Make comments or ask questions at any time during the presentations.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT - We provide safe environment to explore complex Indigenous issues in a non-confrontational way.

FOR EVERYONE, AND EVERY BUDGET - Our training courses are available publicly or on-site for your team or organization.

Who's taking our training?

Companies, retailers, nonprofits, consulting firms, and all levels of government across the country are taking Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.'s courses. These are just a few of them:

  • Those just starting out to those who have been working with Indigenous people or communities for years
  • Government representatives from federal, provincial, and local governments
  • Business representatives from mining, forestry, oil and gas, and other sectors
  • Business representatives from the retail, industrial, and financial sectors
  • Senior executives, managers, and board members
  • Line managers, project managers and project team members
  • Communications and community relations staff
  • Properties and lands staff and policy makers
  • Human resources and customer services staff who work directly with Indigenous Peoples or on teams that work directly with Indigenous Peoples
  • Anyone needing to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements for consultation
  • Indigenous Relations or Affairs staff

Check out our blog!

In addition to our training, we also offer all kinds of free resources. Check out our blog, download an eBook, or sign up for our monthly email bulletin.

Here are just a few of our most popular posts:

Your Commitment + Our Training = Informed Indigenous Relations

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