3 Great Courses

Aboriginal Awareness Training

This classic Aboriginal awareness training program provides a review of historical events and their relation to the present economic and political environment.  It helps participants to understand cross-cultural perspectives of those events as well as shows how working with Aboriginal Peoples can enhance business objectives.  Learn more about this training program by clicking here.

Working Effectively With Aboriginal Peoples®

We took our classic Aboriginal awareness training to the next level when we developed this course designed to help individuals and organizations to work more effectively with Aboriginal Peoples by getting beyond awareness to practical skills that can be applied everywhere.  Learn more about this training program by clicking here.

Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement Training™

Combine our Aboriginal awareness training with our Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples® Training and step up to our Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement Training where we provide practical consultation skills, tools, and practice needed for consultation and engagement with Aboriginal Peoples.  Learn more about this training program by clicking here. 

On-Site Training Delivery

Do you have a work team, project team, or group of people that you are working with who could benefit from our training?  Want to get those team members reading from the “same book”?  Wherever your site is we will travel and deliver any or all of our 3 training programs to your team in a way that meets their needs.  It’s a cost effective and economical solution, especially when you have eight or more people that you are thinking of sending to a public workshop.  Contact us for details!

Helping organizations work with Indigenous Peoples in Canada