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Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®



4 min read

Using The Inuit Perspective to Successfully Lead a School

Guest author:April A. StricklandLooking for an adventure five years ago, I travelled to a small Inuit community in Nunavut. I quickly discovered...

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Inuit boy and man checking Eskimo tag for census, Windy River, Nunavut, 1950.

3 min read

Eskimo Identification Tags Replaced Traditional Names

Photo: J. C. Jackson / Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development fonds / Library and Archives Canada / a102695-v6 "In Inuit...

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5 min read

Nunavut Lands Claim Decision

Robert Janes, Janes Freedman Kyle Law Corp, Aboriginal Law in Canada Blog

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Inuit children, 1927.

1 min read

Inuit People of the World

Inuit children, Belcher Islands (Nunavut) 1927. Photo: Lachlan T. Burwash / Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development fonds / Library...

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2 min read

The Inuit Dog and My Adventure Outside Whitehorse, Yukon.

Earlier this week I delivered a pre-conference Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® training session at the 3rd annual Yukon First Nations...

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Kenipitu women in beaded amautiit, Cape Fullerton (Qatiktalik)

2 min read

3 Mistakes People Make When Working With the Inuit

The Inuit were identified as one of Canada's three distinct Aboriginal peoples in the Constitution Act of 1982 and as such Inuit have their own...

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