We have elevated our classic Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® to another level focussing on the RESPECT model and applying it specifically to the subject of negotiations with Indigenous Peoples.


This course takes the information learned in our Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and Indigenous Consultation & Engagement™ training sessions and provides an opportunity to use that knowledge in interactive exercises in which you learn from doing as well as learn from others.


If you are thinking of this training for yourself, we have a half-day version as part of our Training Weeks.

Join us, won’t you?


Our How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples training is a BC Law Society accredited educational activity. 

For Alberta lawyers, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta.


Purpose of the Training:

  • Provide information to help participants with their negotiation efforts
  • Support appropriate cross cultural communications
  • Learn to apply the RESPECT model to the negotiations process
  • Get participants comfortable so they can participate or lead a negotiations process
  • Raise awareness of best practices for strengthening relationships during the negotiation process


Who should attend?

  • Anyone involved or interested in negotiations
  • Federal, provincial and local government representatives
  • Business representatives from the retail, industrial and financial sectors
  • Senior executives, managers and board members
  • Line managers, project managers and project team members
  • Communications and community relations staff
  • Properties and lands staff and policy makers
  • Human resources and customer services staff who work directly with Indigenous people and communities
  • Indigenous Relations or Affairs staff
  • Community relations staff

Suggested Pre-requisites: To ensure you receive the most benefit from this training we highly suggest previous attendance in Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® or completion of our virtual version of Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®. This training is a continuation of the learning in our prerequisite training.



8:30am to 4:00pm

  • Welcome, Introductions & Objectives
  • Please Pass the Problems


  • Process overview exercises and workbook completion
  • Negotiations panel presentation and discussion


  • Critical issues and how to address in a negotiations strategy


  • Our goal for the first meeting
  • Our interests their interests and areas of alignment
  • Capacity issues
  • Gender issues, name dropping, who we know name dropping
  • Where to start
  • What to do if you arrive early
  • Multi party table
  • Appointing a spokesperson
  • How to get community mandate and is it necessary
  • Setting the table and tone
  • Drafting and initial agenda
  • Putting together a simple plan


  • Initial meeting activities
  • Protocol and pronunciations preparation
  • Reviewing the Agenda
  • Sharing progress and areas for further discussion
  • Identifying and clarifying interests
  • Summary letter exercise


  • Ideas and suggestions for strengthening relationships


What people are saying about this training:


"Excellent perspective on preparing for often difficult conversations that are absolutely necessary." C.Cofre | Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations


"How to negotiate with indigneous peoples training with Bob has strengthened my negotiation confidence." G.Wiggill  |  Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations