UN flagsAs of May 2016, Canada became a full supporter, without qualification, of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. But, what does that mean and how does it affect how you consult and accommodate Indigenous Peoples? What are the legal and policy issues around adopting and implementing UNDRIP in Canada?

Purpose of the training:

  • Provide clarity around what UNDRIP means in the Canadian context
  • Provide clarity in consultation and negotiation with Indigenous Peoples

UNDRIP document coverIn this training you will learn:

  • What is UNDRIP?
  • What is the purpose of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?
  • Government reaction, policy, and implementation Legal effects of the UN Declaration
  • Free Prior and Informed Consent and the Duty to Consult
  • Impacts on resource development

Did you know?

The UN Declaration is unique because it was created with the participation of the rights holders themselves and specifically recognizes that Indigenous Peoples’ rights are both collective and individual.

Who should attend this training:

  • Anyone needing to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements for consultation
  • Federal, provincial, and local government representatives
  • Senior executives, managers, and board members
  • Properties and lands staff and policy makers
  • Indigenous Peoples and Aboriginal Peoples
  • Community workers and community members
  • Academia
  • Lawyers
  • Anyone interested in learning about UNDRIP and its relevance in Canada

For teams or organizations:

We provide our training courses on-site or online to your team or organization. These courses are private, economical, and can be delivered to your team at a place and time of your choosing. 

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3 hours
Up to 30 people
Location of your choosing

For individuals:

This course is also open to the public and is being offered in multiple locations across Canada during our Training Weeks. Register for just this course or for the full week.

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Suggested prerequisites: To ensure you receive the most benefit from this training we highly suggest previous attendance in Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®. This training is a continuation of the learning in that course.

Your Commitment + Our Training = Informed Indigenous Relations