National Indigenous Peoples Day  21+ Important Indigenous People to Celebrate

To celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21 we have compiled a list of 21+ important Indigenous people from all walks of life. It is a random list of inspirational Indigenous leaders, artists, activists, journalists, veterans, musicians, comedians, authors, documentarians, athletes and “just plain folk” whose determination, and commitment to their passion and beliefs have, and continue to, improve Canada’s culture and social wellness. This is by no means a complete list - that would take a lifetime to compile - it is however a compilation of names that should, in this era of reconciliation, be familiar household names.

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The Impact of Smallpox on First Nations on the West Coast


“The Bostonian Robert Kemp, on the brig Otter just north of the Queen Charlotte Islands in December 1810, reported that "the Natives are all infected with the Land Scurvy which Renders them Completely Incapable of Hunting[.] this Coast is as Silent and Solitary as the House of death and I wish that I was Clear from it." [1]

Throughout the Americas, Indigenous contact with Europeans was soon followed with drastic declines in Indigenous populations. With no natural immunity to diseases introduced by the Europeans, Indigenous Peoples were decimated by waves of epidemics of smallpox, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, influenza and measles. [2] The smallpox virus, which came not so much as waves but as tsunamis, decimated the coastal First Nation population not once, but at least twice. Smallpox devastated Indigenous populations in other regions of the country as well but here we focus on the impact of smallpox on First Nations on the West coast.

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Reflections in 2017 on the 1967 Centennial Speech of Chief Dan George

As Canadians from coast to coast to coast prepare to mark Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1, 2017 I wanted to revisit and reflect on the late Chief Dan George’s speech “Lament for Confederation” made on the occasion of Canada’s 100th birthday. I thought it would make a good measuring stick to see how things have changed for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

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Why Are There Stereotypes About Indigenous Peoples

Following every training session we ask learners if they would kindly take the time to fill in a survey about the training. We find these surveys invaluable as they help us ensure the training fulfills our on-site and public workshop clients’ needs, provides insight to what learners are interested in, and provides ideas for new training modules, blog articles and ebooks. A survey from a recent training session included requests for more information regarding stereotypes about Indigenous Peoples.

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14 Facts You May Not Know About Contributions of Indigenous Veterans

Did you know November 8 is National Aboriginal Veterans Day? If you are new to the knowledge of the significant contributions of Indigenous veterans during the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean War, here are some facts to pique your interest and build your knowledge.

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The Constitution Express and Its Role in Entrenching Aboriginal Rights


"I would rather pass onto my grandchildren the legitimacy of the struggle than to leave them with a settlement they can't live with." Grand Chief George Manuel, President of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (1979-1981)

This is a brief look at an extraordinary, passionate, grassroots Aboriginal movement in Canadian history that altered the direction of the Constitution Act 1982 to ensure Aboriginal rights were included. This article is brief so if people are interested in learning the backstory to the Constitution Express I suggest they read Unsettling Canada A National Wake-Up Call by Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson for the backstory of the Constitutional Express.

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Christopher Columbus and the Doctrine of Discovery - 5 Things to Know

The Doctrine of Discovery was used by European monarchies, beginning in the mid-fifteenth century, as a means of legitimizing the colonization of lands outside of Europe. It was issued in 1493, the year after Christopher Columbus arrived on the shores of what is now known as North America. The Doctrine of Discovery continues to impact Indigenous Peoples throughout the world.

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National Aboriginal Day or National Indigenous Day

 The implications of choosing Indigenous are significant. In October 2015, Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau used the term Indigenous in his victory speech when he made reference to his government’s intention for a "renewed nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples that respects rights and honours treaties".

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History of Assembly of First Nations

Every three years, the Assembly of First Nations holds an election for the Office of National Chief. This year the election will be on December 10, at the 35th Annual Assembly.

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Chinook Jargon - The First Language of Trade

tyee; skookum; tillicum; muckamuck

It’s quite likely that at least one of the above words is familiar, especially to those who live in the Pacific Northwest. What do these words all have in common? They are from the Chinook Jargon, also known as chinuk wawa. At the end of this article, we have a few more, with definitions.

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