Chief Dr. Robert Joseph Q and A on Reconciliation and Forgiveness

In this segment from his presentation at Expanding Our Knowledge Conference, Chief Dr. Joseph took questions from the audience on reconciliation and forgiveness. 

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Open Letter to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

To the TRC:

When I was a little boy, I faked being sick lots so I wouldn't have to go to school, so I missed a lot of school. I did it because I didn't like the way I was treated because of the color of my skin, or the culture I was born into. I loved my culture, because my nunies, chinies, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and ancestors were all from our beautiful culture. I didn't like the way the teachers talked about our people, or about our culture. I love the fact that my mother and father always, always talked our language to each other, and to all the visitors who came to our house. I love the fact that my mom told me stories all the time about our culture, and the stories she was told when she was a little girl. I also love the fact that both my parents always told me I had to go and sit with all the elders who told me stories over and over again about who we were as Haida people, and where we belong in this big world. They were my nunies, chinies, chiefs, carvers, and historians.

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Indian Residential Schools: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

I wrote this article because I frequently see postings on Facebook asking people to “like” the “Merry Christmas” greeting and denounce the “Happy Holiday” greeting.

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From Oppression to Opportunity: St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

I recently had the opportunity to golf at the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino, formerly the St. Eugene Indian Residential School, on the Traditional Territory of the Ktunaxa Nation near Cranbrook, BC. The story behind this Golf Resort and Casino is quite inspiring.



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Truth and Reconciliation with Chief Robert Joseph

Truth and Reconciliation with Chief Robert Joseph.  "It Starts with you and me."

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