Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement in Alberta - Speaker Series



In 2013 we hosted a Speaker Series in Edmonton. Below are the speakers who kindly presented. 

Speakers and Topics:

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Ainjil Hunt - "Transformation: Moving Beyond Protocols and MOUs"

Ainjil Hunt, Principle, Transformation, spoke at Expanding Our Knowledge conference in April 2013. In her presentation "Transformation: Moving Beyond Protocols and MOUs" Ainjil talks about the importance of true relationship building with First Nation communities. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is merely the paper version of a handshake........it's just the beginning. For proponents of long term projects, such as mines, it is important to extend your relationship building beyond the Council chamber and into the community because that is where you will meet the future Chief and Council members. If you encounter misunderstanding due to miscommunication, Ainjil recommends the age old custom of "going out for coffee" with the Chief. She has a great example of a situation in which this completely changed the dynamics of the relationship between proponent and First Nation.

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